A Brand New World demonstrates new Bluetooth technology in USA

A Brand New World demonstrates new Bluetooth technology in USA A Brand New World demonstrated Blue2Go, with the new handover* feature, at the world's largest Bluetooth exhibition currently underway (December 5-7) in San Jose, USA. Blue2Go has created a great deal of interest at the exhibition. Blue2Go is a system for both small and large cellular networks for mobile Internet based on Bluetooth. The technology, which is both inexpensive and energy-efficient, and uses license-free radio bands, makes it possible for practically anyone to become an operator using this system. The number of products incorporating Bluetooth technology is expected to reach 1.4 billion units by the year 2005 (Allied Business Intelligence). Systems such as Blue2Go which can communicate with Bluetooth devices are expected to be in great demand. This technology from A Brand New World can be used for Internet access covering large areas, e.g. via Bluetooth or a WLAN, which expands the area of application for all the Bluetooth products currently being produced. This network using the license-free band has also been designed to handle all of the functions available in a traditional network, such as CDMA and GSM. Such functions include handover, positioning and security. "We are the only company demonstrating a comprehensive system for mobile Internet using Bluetooth. Many operators have already seen the enormous potential in offering mobile services and telephony in public areas using the license-free bands. We will see new operators who will offer lower prices and higher capacity than can be achieved using third-generation mobile telephony systems." says Per Leine, Application Manager, A Brand New World. The demonstration at the exhibition shows a PDA (handheld computer) which utilizes some of the features of the Blue2Go system. These features include telephony, positioning and regulating the household. The positioning system can be used to initiate special programs or to send advertising messages and other location-dependent information. Within the E-commerce community, the expectations on this type of system are very high. One example is that the user automatically receives fight times when the user is at the airport, at the same time as he can pay his flight ticket via mobile Internet. A Brand New World (publ) focuses on developing and marketing products and systems systems for infrastructure which makes mobile Internet possible. Our technology means that the mobile individual can always be connected, on his own terms and at a low cost. This technology is developed as an anternative and a complement to UMTS, the third generation of mobile telephone systems. A Brand New World currently has approximately 200 employees, with the main office located in Kista in Stockholm. The subsidiary companies KG Göransson AB, Avantego AB, TransportOnline AS, Brace AB and ICU AB are part of the Group which. In addition to the Stockholm premises, the Group also has offices in Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, China and South Korea. A Brand New World's stock is listed on the New Market list of the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange. For further information, see www.abnw.net or contact: Mikael Engström, Public Per Leine, Applications Relations Manager Manager Tel: 08-477 95 63 A Brand New World AB Mobile: 0708-34 19 38 Mobile: 0708-44 67 57 mikael.engstrom@abrandnewworld .se * Handover means that the user, without interruption to communications, can move between different base stations (cells), each of which has a fairly short range but which collectively cover a large area. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/12/06/20001206BIT00930/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/12/06/20001206BIT00930/bit0002.pdf