A/S Trigon Agri: Resolutions of Extraordinry General Meeting

Copenhagen, 29 October 2008
A/S Trigon Agri: Resolutions of Extraordinary General Meeting

With the following Trigon Agri A/S hereby announces that further to the notice published on 20 October 2008 an Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders was held on 29 October 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The following resolution was passed unanimously and without any dissenting opinions:

Board of Directors was authorised to acquire own shares on behalf of the company. The purpose of acquiring the company's own shares is to enhance shareholder value
The company may only acquire own shares for a total nominal value of up to 10% of the company's nominal share capital. The consideration paid for the company’s shares may not deviate from the band of prices (the bid/ask spread) applying on First North in Stockholm at the time of acquisition. Only the free reserves of the company may be used for acquisition of the company's own shares. The authorisation of the Board of Directors shall be in force until 28 April 2010.

For full text of the EGM minutes available at company’s web page www.trigonagri.com

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