About Us

AB Biomonitoring are experts in workplace monitoring and risk assessments, to help safeguard companies and their employees from contact with harmful substances. They test for occupational exposure to benzene, toluene and xylene by analysing results from urine samples. ABB’s unique rapid urine test for benzene is recognised and trusted around the world as an easy-to-use test that monitors people for benzene exposure. The test is used regularly by the maritime industry, health & safety practitioners and occupational hygienists in industrial settings including refineries, petrochemical plants and steel plants, and has served both to help safeguard the health of industry employees and to assist confirmation for the employer that best working practices in health and safety are deployed. They work with many of the North Sea oil rigs, for example. As a result the test enables the wider application of benzene biomonitoring as both a monitoring and a survey tool of industrial and environmental exposures.www.benzenetesting.com For more information, tel: +44 1491 574119 or email tellmemore@perfectlypicked.com