SEGULAH I invests in LärData AB

SEGULAH I invests in LärData AB LärData is one of the leading Swedish companies in teacher lead computer soft- ware user education. The company was founded in 1983 by Roger Sjöstrand and today employs 120 people full time. On average, LärData educates 800 people daily in the use of computer software. The company has a turnover of around 105 MSEK and has 11 education centres spread over the country. The head office is in Stockholm. LärData's business idea is to use education to optimise clients' investments in employees and computers. Included in the product offering is education for users of application programs, software adjustments to improve efficiency in information production, longer education programs for specific professions and also a broad assortment of courses for IT professionals. KB Segulah I has, through the investment in LärData AB, completed its first investment transaction. Segulah I now holds 50 % of the equity and votes in the company. LärData's founder, Roger Sjöstrand, remains the owner of the other 50 %. "We consider Segulah as a great asset with substantial strategical knowledge and experience in corporate development. The expansion and development of Lär- Data will benefit from Segulah's financial strength. A financially solid partner is also important for LärData's long-term client relations. We are convinced that our prospects for gaining market share have improved." Roger Sjöstrand "LärData is a very exciting company which Roger Sjöstrand has created together with his associates. We in Segulah look forward to engaging ourselves actively in the development of the company and to work towards strengthening LärData's position as the leading company within teacher-led user education for comput- ers." Gabriel Urwitz * * * * * * * * * AB Segulah is a private equity firm owned by its board of directors and man- agement. Segulah invests in and develops established small and mid-sized comp- anies in mature industries, preferably retail, service and light manufacturing. The business idea is to create value through active ownership by injecting general business knowledge as well as financial and industrial experience into the company, in addition to the capital that the company may require. Segulah is the formal Swedish partner of the UK private equity firm HEV Limited. AB Segulah is presently sole or part owner of, among others, Wilkenson Handskmakar'n AB, Ordning & Reda Papper & Design AB, and Byggfakta Scandinavia AB. Segulah I is a private equity fund of SEK 200 million managed by AB Segulah. It was formed in February 1997 with the purpose of investing in Swedish small and mid-sized companies. Investors in the fund are, among others, Inter-Ikea, Norsk Vekst AS (Norwegian listed investment company), Prim Associates (American private equity institution), Bonnier Group (Swedish media group), Cancerföreningen i Stockholm, and AB Segulah. The capital of the fund is to be invested over a 4-year period. LärData was Segulah I's first investment. Other investments include Teli Service AB, the leading work shop repair company for IT-products in the Northern region, and EKH Ekonomihuset AB, Sweden's leading administrator and fund manager for pension foundations. For additional information, please contact Gabriel Urwitz or Christian Sievert at AB Segulah, phone +46-8-442 89 50. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: