20 January 2015

Two new sets of research data are to be presented by Dr Mike Bedford, AB Vista’s Research Director, during the 26thAustralian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS) at the University of Sydney on 8-11 February. The first highlights further beneficial effects of phytase superdosing, whilst the second explores the impact of trial methodology on the determination of standard ileal digestibility (SID) values for amino acids (AA).

A key theme at this year’s event will be emerging technologies in poultry research, and phytase superdosing – defined as the use of high doses of phytase to eliminate the anti-nutrient effects of phytate – has grown rapidly since its introduction during 2012. The trial results to be presented by Dr Bedford as part of Session C on the afternoon of 10thFebruary demonstrate the potential for superdosing to also improve litter quality and foot pad lesion score in addition to the already proven gains in broiler growth and feed conversion ratio (FCR), either in the presence or absence of a xylanase.

“The trial compared both standard (500 FTU/kg) and superdosing (1500 FTU/kg) levels of Quantum Blue phytase, coupled with Econase XT xylanase addition at either 0 or 16,000 BXU/kg,” Dr Bedford explains. “Not only did the superdosing improve broiler performance, but the water:feed intake ratio tended to be lower, with subsequent gains in litter quality and foot pad score.”

Dr Bedford will also present a paper on the morning of 10thFebruary comparing AA SID values generated using either semi-synthetic or wheat-based broiler diets supplemented with Econase XT xylanase. The results showed that the semi-synthetic diet produced significantly lower SID values for a range of AA, and suggested that other nutrients, such as phosphorus and calcium, might be similarly affected.

“These results have potentially far-reaching implications for the currently accepted SID values for all key nutrients,” states Dr Bedford. “If replicated, then these results suggest that data derived from trials using cereal-based diets is more relevant to the commercial situation, and that caution is needed when interpreting results generated using semi-synthetic diets.”

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