Fredrik Brunell new CFO of Volvo Aero

Fredrik Brunell, Investor Relations Manager at Volvo, has been appointed new Chief Financial Officer of Volvo Aero. The new Investor Relations Manager will be Christer Johansson. Both will assume their new positions on December 1.

Fredrik Brunell has been Investor Relations Manager at Volvo since 2001, and has previously worked, among other duties, with strategy matters at Volvo Aero. In his new role at Volvo Aero, he will be part of the management team and report to Volvo Aero’s President, Fred Bodin. The new Investor Relations Manager will be Christer Johansson, who has worked under Fredrik Brunell since December 2001. Christer has also previously worked with strategy and financial matters at Volvo Constrction Equipment. October 17, 2005 For further information, contact Mårten Wikforss on tel. +46 31-66 11 27 or +46 705-59 11 49

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