Record deliveries for Volvo Trucks in 1998

RECORD DELIVERIES FOR VOLVO TRUCKS IN 1998 In 1998 Volvo Trucks delivered a preliminary total of 83,279 units, an increase of 21 per cent compared with 1997. Sales showed the following distribution: 1997 1998 Europe, total 34,470 42,354 +23 of which 31,037 37,810 +22 Western Europe Eastern Europe 3,433 4,544 +32 20,905 29,314 +40 North America South America 6,971 6,020 -14 4,711 3,762 -20 Asia 1,924 1,829 -5 Other markets 68,981 83,279 +21 Total The inflow of orders in 1998 increased by 12 per cent and the order book by 21 per cent compared with 1997. "In many ways, 1998 was a successful year for us," says Karl-Erling Trogen, president and CEO of Volvo Truck Corporation. "We delivered 83,300 trucks, which is considerably more than any previous year and we introduced the FM family and a new generation of theFH. Both were very well received. Furthermore, I am especially proud that the Swedish Quality Award was conferred on Volvo Trucks for all its global operations," continues Karl-Erling Trogen. January 15, 1999 For more information, please contact: Tommy Kohle.Tel: +46 31-66 65 17, mobile 0706-76 65 17, e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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