Volvo Aero is partner in General Electric's new LMS100TM gas turbine

Volvo Aero is partner in General Electric's new LMS100TM gas turbine Volvo Aero is a partner in the new LMS100 TM gas turbine that General Electric presented at the Power-Gen 2003 trade show in Las Vegas. Volvo Aero will deliver a number of key components to the new environmentally friendly gas turbine, which is expected to gain a highly important role in the power generation industry. "This is a highly significant agreement for Volvo Aero and a broadening of our product range," says Fred Bodin, President of Volvo Aero. " We estimate the total value of the contracts at SEK 7 billion (about 800 MUSD) over a 20-year period." Volvo Aero has been a partner with General Electric since the 1980s in the CF6-80 engine, which powers Boeing 747 aircraft, among others. Volvo Aero and General Electric have also cooperated in the aeroderivative segment, that is, somewhat modified aircraft engines that are used instead as stationary gas turbines to generate electricity and heat. For example, this cooperation has included the LM6000 gas turbine. Volvo Aero is involved in the new LMS100 TM engine as a so-called Risk and Revenue Sharing Partner. The partners share the costs, revenues and responsibility for the gas turbines during their entire lifetime. Volvo Aero is responsible for the design, development and production of the power turbine case in the LMS100 TM. The company will also manufacture the intermediate turbine frame and the compressor rear frame on a supplier basis. In addition, Volvo Aero will provide engineering work packages for other components in the engine. The first compressor rear frame has already been delivered to General Electric. Volvo Aero has specialized in a number of large complex structures in aircraft engines and gas turbine aeroderivatives for many years. "Volvo Aero's proven capabilities and expertise in these types of large complex structures makes them a great fit for the program," explains Mike Reale, LMS100 TM Project Manager at GE Aircraft Engines. General Electric's LMS100 TM is the first gas turbine in the power industry to employ off-engine intercooling technology with the use of an external heat exchanger. The LMS100 TM provides outputs above 100 MW, with simple-cycle efficiencies exceeding 46%. This represents a 10% increase compared with GE's most efficient simple-cycle gas turbine on the market today, the LM6000. The LMS100 TM is based on a combination of frame and aeroderivative gas turbine technology. It delivers significantly more power than today's aeroderivatives while providing all of the advantages of a conventional aeroderivative such as a very short start-up time of within 10 minutes. As a result of the high efficiency and low mass emission rate, the LMS100TM is environmentally friendly. It provides major potential, for example, in CHP (combined Heat and Power) and supplemental power for coal fired plants. The gas turbine core will be tested in May 2004 and the first complete engine system will be available for shipment in the second half of 2005. December 10, 2003 For further information, please contact: Robert Lundberg, Marketing Director, Engines, Volvo Aero, +46-70-5775375 Joakim Andersson, Project Manager for LMS100TM at Volvo Aero, +46-70-2068570 Images of LMS100 can be found on Volvo Aero develops and manufactures components for aircraft and rocket engines with a high technology content in cooperation with the world's leading producers. Volvo Aero offers an extensive range of services, including sales of spare parts for aircraft engines and aircraft, sales and leasing of aircraft engines and aircraft, as well as overhaul and repair of aircraft engines. Volvo Aero is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction equipment, drive systems for marine and industrial applications, aerospace components and services. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: pdf_eng word_eng

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