WirelessCar stands out as telematics service provider in study conducted byStrategy Analytics


“WirelessCar is redefining the telematics service provider as a global supplier of cloud services” distinguishing itself by a global reach and an open platform. An analysis that could be summed-up as: “wherever you turn, WirelessCar is there!”

The report, WirelessCar Stands Out with Global Reach, Open Platform, claims that OEMs are finally investing in telematics technology for their vehicles and, while this will create new opportunities for suppliers and service providers, WirelessCar already stands out in the field.

“WirelessCar has established a global leading position unmatched in the telematics industry,” states the author of the report. “The company stands alone with existing or pending embedded telematics deployments in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North and South America and the Middle East.”

Strategy Analytics says that WirelessCar’s global scope, multiple segment solutions, multiple platform support, flexibility and proven track record are what differentiate it from its competitors.

WirelessCar is already providing successful telematics solutions to a number of OEMs, including Volvo Cars and BMW. With the development of NGTP (Next Generation Telematics Pattern), WirelessCar is well positioned for emerging connected services, such as taking advantage of new opportunities created by connected smartphones, which are expected to feature prominently in the years to come.

This ability to pre-empt upcoming trends in the industry and adapt accordingly is likely to ensure that WirelessCar continues to distinguish itself in a fast-growing industry.

Strategy Analytics is a global research and consulting firm, focusing on market opportunities and challenges in the areas of Automotive Electronics & Multimedia.

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More information about WirelessCar: www.wirelesscar.com.


WirelessCar, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, is one of the world’s leading telematics service providers serving both the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors with services that are operational in 34 countries on four continents. This truly global service can include automatic crash notification, emergency and road side assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, an embedded hands-free telephone, a car locator, remote door unlock, and remote diagnostics. Also, Online services such as e-mail access and live news feeds are available. WirelessCar is part of Volvo IT, which is a global company and a member of the Volvo Group. WirelessCar operate as an independent entity addressing all vehicle manufacturers. WirelessCar’s services are branded in the names of our customers who include BMW, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks and Volvo Construction Equipment. Visit www.wirelesscar.com for more for information.


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