Nominating Committee appointed at Acando AB

In accordance with a resolution adopted at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders and further to consulting the Company's major shareholders, the chairman of the board of directors has appointed a nominating committee.

The nominating committee’s task is to present a proposal of board members, chairman of the board, fees to board members and auditors as well as chairman for the next Annual General Meeting. The following people have been appointed to the nominating committee: • Ulf J Johansson, Chairman of the Board at Acando • Ulf Hedlundh proposed by Alf Svedulf with family and companies • Erik Sjöström proposed by Skandia Liv • Ulf Hedlundh has been appointed Chairman of the nominating committee. Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to Acando's nominating committee may do so by sending an email to the committee at or by writing to Acando AB, Att: Valberedningen, Box 5528, 114 85 Stockholm, Sweden. Please note that you need to send your proposal before December 31st 2009.

About Us

Acando is the consulting company who with equal parts of technical excellence and insight into human behavior - innovates, streamlines and mobilizes organizations for sustainable change. The Group has approximately 2100 employees allocated over five countries. Acando had sales of more than 2.4 billion SEK in 2017 and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


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