Accent Equity acquires interpreting and translation group

Accent Equity has acquired 100 % of the shares in a leading Swedish language group owned by Lantz International. The group includes several market-leading companies in Sweden within the fields of qualified interpreting and translation services, language analysis and consultancy. The group will change its name to Semantix AB in connection with the change in ownership of the company.

The group has approx. 80 employees and the group’s network includes over 1 000 translators and around 3 000 interpreters. Translation is provided to and from all established languages. The group has offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, Norrköping, Uppsala and Umeå. Last year the group’s turnover totalled SEK 160 million. One of Semantix’s subsidiary companies is Tolkjouren, Sweden’s largest provider of interpreting services, which in 2005 – for the third year in a row – was designated as a gazelle company by Dagens Industri. The translation companies have a niche focus on different customer groups and where for example Eqvator, which is the market leader within translation, language analysis and consultancy focuses on services to the public sector such as administrative agencies, national government bodies and local authorities. SpråkCentrum and Languageland, ITS Översättningsbyrå, Abcom and Explicon, on the other hand, focus primarily on the private sector with a range of specialist competence within the translation field and other communication services. The market for interpreting and translation services is expected to see substantial growth in the years ahead as a result of factors such as globalisation, the eastward expansion of the EU and increased immigration. The new MD/Group CEO of Semantix will be Birgitta Stymne Göransson. She comes to Semantix from the position of deputy MD with the Telefos group. Lantz International was founded in 1975 and has expanded considerably since then by means of acquisitions and organic growth to its current position as market leader in the field of language and other communication services. The group has a strong focus on quality and customer benefit and is alone within the industry in being quality assured in accordance with ISO standards. “The Semantix group is a qualified service company with significant opportunities for further development through both organic growth and acquisitions”, states Roland Nilsson, Senior Partner at Accent Equity Partners. “Conny Lantz, MD and owner of Lantz International, has built up a sound platform for the future and we will make the necessary resources available to develop Semantix in order to attain an indisputable leading position in the Nordic countries. “I am happy that the group and the companies I have built up will now have the opportunity to progress to the next phase of development with a new strong owner who can ensure that the group’s potential can be utilised to the full”, comments Conny Lantz. “Accent has considerable experience of generation change in companies and a good reputation and a network that will benefit both our customers and our staff”. “All companies within the Semantix group have considerable potential and I am looking forward to working with a team of highly qualified personnel who believe in what they are doing and who want to develop further”, says Birgitta Stymne Göransson, the new MD of Semantix. “We view the fact that the industry is relatively undeveloped as an exciting challenge. With my experience from other areas within the service sector, I can see fantastic opportunities for successfully developing the Semantix group in the years ahead”. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For further information, please contact: Roland Nilsson, Accent Equity Partners, +46 8 545 073 00 Conny Lantz, Lantz International, +46 70 710 21 50, +46 8 506 209 50 Birgitta Stymne Göransson, +46 70 622 43 03

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