Annual Accounts Report January - December 1999

Annual Accounts Report January - December 1999 * Active Biotech invests in new pharmaceuticals against cancer * Sale of Polio vaccine to new partner * SAIK goes into Phase I clinical trials in MS patients * ETEC-vaccine - first data on efficacy by the end of the quarter * Dukoral travel vaccine, 70 % increase in sales in 1999, 100 % increase in January this year * New international order for SBL Cholera Vaccine * Results better than prognosis, -58 million SEK net * Available assets 680 million SEK. Real estate payment in April gives another 122 million SEK ACTIVE BIOTECH INVESTS IN NEW PHARMACEUTICALS AGAINST CANCER Active Biotech acquires TTS Active Biotech and Pharmacia & Upjohn, P&U, have signed a Letter of Intent concerning to the "TTS"; Tumor Targeted Superantigens research area. TTS is a cancer therapy where the body's own immune response is selectively directed towards the tumor. Active Biotech will acquire from P&U all of the TTS patents and rights concerning the ongoing development of new candidate drugs within cancer, in the first instance, lung and kidney cancer. Active Biotech in Lund has so far managed the project according to a contract research agreement. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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