Switch on the latest innovations from Active Products

Do-it-yourself and mail order companies, superstores and wholesalers across the UK will all welcome the launch of the new additions to the innovative AP Torch and AP Pro Series lighting ranges.

Ted McLoughlin, Sales Director at Active Products says: “Since we launched our first lighting products in 2003, we have continued to evolve our range. We are continually enhancing our existing lines and creating new high quality, sensibly priced products that add value for our customers."

“We pride ourselves on our ability to embrace new technologies and incorporate them quickly in new and innovative products. The outstanding brightness and performance of the new CREE LEDs and the effectiveness of the chip on board (COB) modules deliver great enhancements to our popular Torch and Pro Series ranges.”

New items included in the 2016 AP Torch range go from light to bright, with a 20 lumens mini head torch all the way up to four different CREE LED high performance torches that will illuminate even the darkest corners with 100, 225, 300 and 500 lumens respectively.

There’s a handy CREE LED key-ring torch delivering an impressive 70 lumens and, for the great outdoors, there’s a new ultra bright 60 LED camping lantern with detachable side torches and an energy-efficient 115 lumens CREE LED camping lantern.

COB LED technology included in the new 90 lumens pocket-sized work light, 135 lumens round hand light, 140 lumens head torch and 185 lumens handheld inspection light means that they all deliver a high quality white light without the glare.

Suitable for the most challenging work environments, the AP Pro series also has impressive additions. There’s a rechargeable COB LED 270 lumens handheld inspection light and a high performance 250 lumens spotlight with an extraordinary 100 hours of battery life on low-beam. New high performance CREE LED torches in the range include new 100 and 500 lumens models, along with new and upgraded 300 and 430 lumens models and a 150 lumens head torch.

Further details of all the new items in the AP Torch and AP Pro Series ranges are available on the Active Products website at www.active-poducts.co.uk

For further information please contact:

Keri Williams at Williams Commerce on 0116 326 1116

Find out more about Active Products at www.active-products.co.uk

Notes for Editors

Active Products UK is a privately owned company, formed in 2003. It specialises in affordable, quality products for do-it-yourself, superstore and mail order companies and the wholesale sector.

Best known for its original AP lighting range, Active Products focuses on innovation, evolving and extending its core product lines.  The AP portfolio now includes not only lighting, but also tools for builders, gardening gadgets and equipment, flood protection products and car care accessories.

Some of the UK’s largest retailers, including B&Q, Tesco and Halfords, offer items from the Active Products range.

Active Products has developed strong relationships with the DIY, grocery and wholesale sectors. Through its logistics expertise the company has secured exclusive UK distributorships including No Weed™ Dansand® from Danish company Dansand A/S, and the US-based Turtle Wax, the world’s leading brand in car care products.


A CREE LED is a microchip that emits a pure, bright white light. Because CREE LEDs are small and efficient, they outperform traditional torches, even those including traditional LEDs. They require less battery power than a standard torch and have an estimated lifespan of around 100,000 hours.

COB (Chip on Board)

COB is another new technology using multiple LED chips, combined together into one lighting module. When switched on, it looks like a panel of light rather than a single unit, and can produce a light 10 times more intense, without glare.

About Us

Active Products are a privately owned company with a great wealth of experience and have been supplying the DIY, superstore and mail order companies as well as the wholesale sector since 2003. Emphasis is placed on our exciting new innovation pipeline. Bringing high quality, premium products that are truly affordable to market with speed and efficiency are at the heart of Active Products core operations.