Adera helps Papyrus launch new e-service solution in Europe

Adera helps Papyrus launch new e-service solution in Europe An important part of Papyrus's work of refining the services it offers its clients is a genuine and extensive investment in e-services. For the launch of its latest solution, Papyrus engaged the consultancy company, Adera, early last year. Papyrus, best known as a supplier of fine paper to printers and expendables to industry, offices and the public sector, has been actively involved in e-commerce in Sweden since 1985. As Papyrus expanded in Europe, the need for a comprehensive and well-planned e- commerce strategy grew. Interest among clients in taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by electronic commerce has also increased substantially - which is excellent for Papyrus. In co-operation with Adera, Papyrus is now launching its new e-commerce solution - Papyrus e-point - which replaces the current e-commerce site, Papyrus online. This not only enables all Papyrus's European clients to order their products via the Internet, Papyrus e-point also gives its clients access to a large number of new services which make the order process easier and more efficient. Simplicity and efficiency were two of the most important targets for Papyrus' e-commerce strategy and the work carried out by Adera. In preparation for the launch of Papyrus e-point, Adera created a comprehensive information campaign aimed at clients and staff. Using a range of methods and media, the system has been demonstrated and made available. The aim of the campaign was, of course, to spark interest among clients, show them how easy it is and how they will benefit from all the e-services now available to them. Papyrus already had a large number of e-commerce clients who used the old system (27 % of all orders in Sweden were generated via the Internet), but the company believes that this share will grow considerably in other markets - the aim is for 25% of all orders in Europe to be placed via the Internet by 2003. The first step of the campaign was to invite the clients to a seminar. Of the clients who have attended these seminars so far, around 50% have expressed an interest in using Papyrus e-point. "Working closely with us, Adera developed a very comprehensive introduction to Papyrus e-point, focussing heavily on internal information and training material. We operate in a traditional industry and this is an important step towards offering our clients even better service, utilising new technology. A successful internal launch was crucial - without internal understanding and involvement, we would never succeed. Within three months, we were receiving 10% of all orders via the Internet, something which we regard as a major success. We have also noticed that markets which focused on internal training and close collaboration with a few, carefully selected clients were the ones which succeeded best," says Martin Plantin, Brand Manager at Papyrus Merchants and the person responsible for launching Papyrus e-point. As part of the project, Adera produced all market communication material in connection with the launch of Papyrus e-point. A demo version of the system was also developed and used to ensure that the internal training would be completed before the launch. "Creating communication in preparation for the launch of Papyrus e-point was well within Adera's area of expertise. We have previous experience of processes involving this type of knowledge transfer. It underlines the importance of understanding both traditional communication channels and the new electronic media to ensure a successful launch", says Johanna Hellmér Wiberg, Project Manager at Adera in Göteborg. "When a traditional company decides to roll out an e-solution of this magnitude it represents a large step for everyone in the company. Typically, there is a realisation that a change is necessary, but very little understanding of how it will affect everyday operations, the impact it will have and the benefits for the clients as well as for the company itself. Creating a soft transition requires many little steps, and presenting the system in a number of different ways helps ensure that everyone is familiar with the concept. The transition is much easier once the change is fully accepted," Martin Plantin concludes. Since the 1960s, Papyrus (then called Pappersgruppen) has supplied paper to the graphics industry. The company currently operates in 13 countries in Europe, and is a leader in e-services - both in the fine paper and expendables markets. As a service company, Papyrus offers reliable deliveries of input goods to the graphics industry and of expendables to companies and the public sector. The operation utilises expertise in logistics development, information transfer and time management to help the Group's clients and suppliers to become successful companies. For more information: Adera AB (publ) generates business value for customers by combining areas of expertise critical for success based on the new business logic: strategy/business development, marketing/communications and IT/Internet. Adera has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Malmoe, Ljungby and Värnamo. Adera shares are listed on the O-List of the OM Stockholm Exchange. 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