Adera to streamline and focus its operations

Adera to streamline and focus its operations Adera is streamlining and concentrating its operators to three business areas: IT Driven Business and Operational Development, Integrated Communication and the e-business operations Adera Nucleus in London. Geographically, the operations are being concentrated to Sweden and the UK, which means that the offices in Antwerp and Amsterdam will be sold or phased out at a suitable time. Parts of the Swedish operations will also be affected. Once the measures are complete, the number of employees within the group will total around 280 in Sweden and the UK, which is a reduction of around 180 positions, 80 of which are in Sweden. The purpose of the reorganisation is to provide the different areas with what they need to grow on their own terms by focusing on their core operations. The business areas will be run in company form, which means that they will each have their own MD and board of directors. Three business areas The IT Driven Business and Operational Development business area will have around 130 employees working with strategic advisory services, value-enhancing processes, change management, advanced systems development, systems integration and web development. The MD of the business area will be Harald Abelin, former MD of OOPix within the Adera group. Previously he has worked at Ericsson and Enator. The business area includes the former Astrakan, the former OOPix as well as Astrakan Strategic Training, focusing on advanced training within IT and management. The Integrated Communication business area will operate under the Adera+Blanking brand. The operations will focus on strategic marketing and brand issues for both industrial (B2B) and consumer goods companies (B2C). Digital media constitutes an interesting, expanding part of the operations. The MD will be Rolf Jansson, who will also retain the role of CEO. The business area will have a total of 95 staff members. Customers include industrial companies that operate internationally as well as brand-intensive consumer goods companies. The Adera Nucleus London business area constitutes a separate unit under the management of Peter Matthews, the founder. The company has around 45 employees who work with e-business, branding strategy and communication. The company works with a number of internationally reputed brands. SEK 35 million structural programme It is calculated that the measures currently under implementation cost around SEK 35 million, an amount that will be charged to the Q2 2001 financial result. It is calculated that annual savings of around SEK 50 million will be achieved after the measures have been implemented. Rolf Jansson is CEO, while Nils-Ove Andersson, who recently joined Adera from Celsius, is deputy MD and CFO. "Adera has experienced problems because few customers today are organised in such a way that they can buy the type of integrated assignments we offer. We are now facing the consequences of this and organising our operations into three separate business areas," says Adera's CEO, Rolf Jansson. "When we drew up our structural package in February this year, we assessed the market in a way that turned out to be far too optimistic. Some of our services have continued to suffer pricing pressure during the spring, so we are therefore now going the whole way and concentrating our operations on their profitable parts," says Nils-Ove Andersson, Deputy MD and CFO of Adera since 1 May 2001. For more information: For further information, please contact: Rolf Jansson, CEO, Adera AB Telephone: +46-31-701 67 00, mobile: +46-70 572 72 02 Adera AB (publ) focuses on generating business benefits for its customers by bringing together the skills crucial to successful competition in the new world of business logic. These include strategy/business development, marketing/communication and IT/Internet expertise. Adera currently has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Ljungby, Värnamo, Malmö, London, Antwerp and Amsterdam. The company's shares are listed on the O list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: