Interim report 1999

Interim report Since the fiscal year has been extended to 18 months, sales, agency income and profits are being reported for both a 18-month and a 12-month period. The figures in parentheses pertain to the corresponding period in the preceding year. * Revenue during January - December 1999 rose 108% to SEK 290.8 M, and agency income by 102% to SEK 169.1 M compared to 1998 * The number of employees was 320 in December 1999, compared to 144 in December 1998. Acquired companies accounted for 90 of the total increase of 176. This means a yearly growth of 122% * The operating income January - December 1999 was SEK -72.4 M (-3.6), including goodwill amortization of a total cost of SEK 9.5 M (-). The negative result, which was anticipated, was due to costs resulting from the implementation of the Group's expansion strategy * Operating income, July 1998 - December 1999, was SEK -79.6 M st New CEO and President from 1 of March 2000 Jörgen Ericsson, Aderas Vice President since February 1999, has been appointed new CEO and President. Jörgen Ericsson has a wide experience from consulting after six years with McKinsey & Company - three of them as responsible for e-business strategy with McKinsey, Scandinavia. Adera aquires HCM - The leading e-business agency in the Netherlands (read more in the separate pressrelease) For further information, please contact: Rolf Jansson, CEO and President Adera, +46 31-701 67 00 Janerik Dimming, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications Adera, +46 708-206008 Adera AB (publ.) is Europe's first e-agency. We create commercial benefits for our clients by bringing together in our organisation skills which are crucial for being able to compete successfully in the new business logic: management, marketing/communications and IT/internet skills. In the last two years Adera has grown from having 60 to 360 employees, and it now has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Ljungby, Värnamo, Copenhagen, Antwerp, th Munich and Dallas. Since the 10 June 1999 Adera is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O-list. ( ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: The full report The full report