About Us

Advance Group brings to our customers a passion for customer service and over twenty years of knowledge and experience in the cleaning and maintenance industry.Our goal is to provide a service that goes beyond your expectations. We treat every customer the way we would want to be treated. We use the very best products, tools and technology. We also believe it is vital to educate our customer — whether residential or commercial — with accurate information on process and ongoing maintenance to ensure the best value for money.To our commercial clients, hotels, construction companies, property management companies and retail businesses, we provide not only restoration of damaged, worn, dirty & scratched surfaces but, we provide regular maintenance programmes to keep your premises looking their best all year round.Advance Group are slip injury prevention specialists and our teams are fully trained, and certified on an annual basis, to ensure our inspection and testing methods meet all current legislative criteria.We will audit your flooring to ensure each part of the premises receive the appropriate amount of testing/treatment and undertake periodic checks to ensure the programme continues to meet your requirements.Our expertise is universal across all types of hard floor coverings and, although our primary function is testing for conformity, if a floor surface fails to meet legislative requirements, we can recommend and implement an appropriate solution.


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