About Us

Advanced Content Services' Mike the Pike Ventures (OTC: ADCS) is a firm that includes in-house ventures and joint ventures as well as acquisitions of distressed or start-up companies or concepts that MTP feels will make for great additions to its portfolio with tweaks and development. It’s current frontline includes CopSwap (www.copswap.org), a premier hub with auctions, news and networking for sworn officers and civilians alike, and ServeNation (www.ServeNation.com), a Pre-Pay It Forward™ Microgiving concept like no other, partnering MTP with a major network provider on a reloadable debit card with socially conscious profitability. Projects are initiated by MTP when our commercial prospects are reasonably assured and the investment risk overall is minimized. Partners take hands-on responsibility for evaluating content, budgets, historical data, current trends, branding and execution strategies while minimizing overhead and bureaucracy. Further, we always strive to stimulate economic development and charitable awareness in all that is MTP.