CTS Cement Announces New Organizational Structure

CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp. announces a new organizational structure effective September 1.  Jerry Hoyle, President and CEO of CTS since 2011 will relinquish his positon as President at that time and assume the position of Vice Chairman of the Board, while retaining his position as CEO.

The Board is also pleased to announce a change in the executive structure of the company with the creation of two divisional groups, each focused on major growth opportunities for CTS and equally supported by production/operations.Frank Senatore will assume the position of President of Retail and International Sales.  Ken Vallens will assume the position of President of Engineering Sales and Research.  

CTS is proud of its goal to hire responsibly and then let that new talent learn the business and develop through ingenuity, close association with peers, and increasing levels of responsibility.  This blueprint of employee development and promotion from within has served CTS well in the past and continues today.   

About CTS Cement: CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation manufactures Rapid Set® professional-grade cement products for concrete repairs and new construction projects. Contractors, owners, engineers and architects choose Rapid Set® to eliminate problems they have with other concrete repair materials, to save time and money, when superior durability is required, and results need to be aesthetically pleasing. For more information about CTS Cement and Rapid Set, please visit www.ctscement.com.


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