Aerocrine wins patent infringement suit against Medisoft in Germany

SOLNA, Sweden – 24 September 2009 – Aerocrine AB today announced the positive outcome of its complaint against Medisoft P.A.E. filed at the District Court of Dusseldorf, Germany.

In March 2008, Aerocrine sued the Belgian company Medisoft for patent infringement before the District Court of Düsseldorf. Yesterday the District Court announced its written decisions that the Medisoft device Hyp’Air FeNO infringes Aerocrine’s patents EP 0 606 351 B1, EP 1 439 781 B1 and EP 0 724 723 B1. The judgments may be appealed by Medisoft and Medisoft has announced to file invalidity proceedings against Aerocrines patents. “We are pleased that the Dusseldorf District Court has confirmed our view that Medisoft is infringing several Aerocrine patents in Germany”, says Paul de Potocki, CEO of Aerocrine AB. “Should Medisoft proceed to an invalidity process, we firmly believe that our patents are valid and that this will be confirmed by the German Federal Patents Court”.

About Us

Aerocrine AB is a medical technology company focused on the improved management and care of patients with inflammatory airway diseases. As the pioneer and leader in the technology to monitor and manage airway inflammation, Aerocrine markets NIOX® Flex and NIOX MINO®. Both products enable fast and reliable management of airway inflammation and may therefore play a critical role in more effective diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with inflammatory airway diseases such as asthma. Aerocrine is based in Sweden with subsidiaries in the US, Germany and the UK. Aerocrine shares were listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange on 15 June 2007.

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