Space for sustainability

For the second time this year a space seminar will take place at ÅF’s head office in Stockholm. The theme is Sustainable Development.

ÅF and Umbilical Design AB want to welcome you to a seminar on the theme Sustainable Development. The theme is chosen to show great examples of how sustainability creates value for the business and society – how to bring space sustainability ideas to earth.

Umbilical Design AB is a Swedish company that has worked with NASA and ESA (European Space Agency). The company got an assignment from ESA - to oversee the transfer of technology from the space sector to Swedish industry with the overarching objective to stimulate business opportunities.

This is where ÅF and Umbilical Design goes hand in hand, ÅF’s contacts in the industry sector and Umbilical Design’s knowledge in space technology gives a great opportunity of sharing knowledge and experience with each other and with you.

The seminar is held at ÅF’s head office 11 November and is free of charge.

Here you can see the entire program and register for the seminar.

If you have questions about the seminar, contact Erik Treskog or Tor Ericson.



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