Cooperation continued in Sweden and extended in Poland

AGA AND GULLFIBER: COOPERATION CONTINUED IN SWEDEN AND EXTENDED IN POLAND AGA AB and Gullfiber AB have signed a new long-term agreement, valued at SKr 36m, including both deliveries and technical development in Sweden and Poland. The agreement for Poland covers the supply of oxygen for furnaces used to manufacture fiberglass and mineral wool in Gliwice. The fiberglass furnace represents an extension of Gullfiber's production in Poland. In the new furnace, melting will be based on a technique using only oxygen instead of air. This technique, called "oxyfuel", provides a more effective combustion and higher productivity, at the same time that emissions of environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides are dramatically reduced. The oxygen for fiberglass manufacturing will be produced directly at Gullfiber with the help of a so called PVSA unit to be commissioned in December this year, which will have a capacity of 1500 cubic meters per hour. The agreement in Sweden includes delivery of oxygen and nitrogen to Gullfiber's two facilities in Vrena and Billesholm. AGA and Gullfiber have been engaged in long-term cooperation for many years, and among other things this collaboration has spawned development of the oxyfuel technique for re- melting of stone wool waste through a patented method called oxy-waste. Gullfiber has also developed and patented a technique for re-melting of glass wool called oxy-melt. The parties are in agreement to continue their technical cooperation. Gullfiber AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, one of Europe's largest and foremost insulation manufacturers. The Gullfiber Group had turnover of SKr 2,100m in 1997 and has 1,600 employees. For additional information, please contact Maris Sedlenieks, Vice President Corporate Communications, AGA AB, telephone +46 8 731 1050, Bengt Erik Nilsson, Technical Manager, Gullfiber AB, telephone +46 42 84155, or Hannu Konttila, Technical Manager, Gullfiber Polska, telephone +48 32 232 05 81. Lidingö April 17, 1998 AGA Aktiebolag (publ) Corporate Communications ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:


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