Publication of Annual Report 2012 and notice of information in the auditor’s report

Alpcot Agro’s annual report for 2012 is available for download from the Company's website The Company’s auditor has issued an audit report as part of the Annual Report which diverges from the standard format. The auditor notes that the errors identified are of limited character and have therefore not led to any material damage to the Company and that the problems have been addressed and internal routines have been changed.

Earlier in 2012, the Board of directors was made aware of cash transactions in the Group’s Ukrainian entities that had taken place outside of the normal routines. The transactions amount to approximately SEK 9 million and were not in compliance with local legislation and led to local accounts having certain items misclassified. Records were however kept and adjustments have been made in the Group financial statements in order to correctly present these transactions in the income statement.

The Company’s auditor Ernst & Young AB notes that the Company has corrected the accounting based on estimates in the consolidated account statement and that the deficiencies have not caused material damage to the Company. The auditor recommends to the annual meeting of shareholders that the members of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director be discharged from liability for the financial year 2012.

The annual report for 2012 is available for download from the Company's website The annual report will be available at the Company’s office on Birger Jarlsgatan 32B in Stockholm, Sweden, and will be sent to shareholders who so request and provide their e-mail address or postal address. It will also be available at the Annual General Meeting on 16 May.

Stockholm 25 April 2013
The board of directors

For more information, please contact:
Ulf Scholander, Managing Director, tel: +380 (67)370 42 51
Stephen Pickup, Group CFO, tel: +44 7825 294 352

About Alpcot Agro AB (publ)

Alpcot Agro invests in farmland and produces agricultural commodities in Russia and Ukraine. The Group aims to generate an attractive return on invested capital by optimally utilizing its agricultural land bank through crop production, livestock and related operations. Shares in Alpcot Agro are listed in Sweden on the Nasdaq OMX First North exchange under the ticker ALPA and the Group’s Certified Adviser is Remium Nordic AB.

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Alpcot Agro is a Swedish limited liability company and was incorporated in 2006. The company's prime objective is to generate an attractive total return on invested capital by acquiring and farming agricultural land in Russia and potentially in other CIS member states.


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