Munksjö will publish production volumes per reporting segment from the first quarter of 2016 onwards


Munksjö will publish production volumes per reporting segment from the first quarter of 2016 onwards 

From the first quarter of 2016 onwards, Munksjö will publish production volumes per reporting segment in addition to earlier disclosed delivery volumes. Historical production volumes are available for 2014-2015. The quarterly financial tables updated with the production volumes are available as an attachment to this release.  

Production volumes per reporting segment
                  Q1                   Q2                   Q3                  Q4
Decor 46,700 48,100 42,400 44,500
Release Liners 118,000 115,700 121,600 120,600
Industrial Applications 22,900 23,200 18,500 20,300
Graphics and Packaging 35,300 34,900 31,300 27,000
Eliminations -4,100 -3,200 -2,900 -2,500
Total 218,800 218,700 210,900 209,900


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Munksjö - Intelligent paper technology 

Munksjö is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced paper products developed with intelligent paper technology. Munksjö offers customer-specific innovative design and functionality in areas ranging from flooring, kitchens and furnishings to release papers, consumer-friendly packaging and energy transmission. The transition to a sustainable society is a natural driving force for Munksjö's growth as the products can replace non-renewable materials. This is what "Made by Munksjö" stands for. Given Munksjö's global presence and way of integrating with the customers, the company forms a worldwide service organisation with approximately 2,900 employees and 15 facilities located in France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and China. Munksjö's share is listed on Nasdaq in Helsinki and Stockholm. Read more at 


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Ahlstrom-Munksjö in brief Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a global leader in fiber-based materials, supplying innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers. Our mission is to expand the role of fiber-based solutions for sustainable every day life.Our offering include filter materials, release liners, food and beverage processing materials, decor papers, abrasive and tape backings, electrotechnical paper, glass fiber materials, medical fiber materials and solutions for diagnostics as well as a range of specialty papers for industrial and consumer end-uses.Our annual net sales is about EUR 3 billion and we employ some 8,000 people. The Ahlstrom-Munksjö share is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki and Stockholm. Read more at