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Financial information from Ainax Publication dates 2005 18 February Full year report January - December 2004 10 May Interim report January - March 2005 10 May Annual General Meeting 11 August Interim report January - June 2005 9 November Interim report January - September 2005 For further information, please contact: Mats Löfgren, CFO, +46 8 709 200 999 Ainax Ainax AB holds 27,320,838 Series A shares in Scania, corresponding to 24.8 per cent of the votes and 13.7 per cent of the capital. The objective is to create the highest possible value for Ainax' shareholders through realizing the added value that may exist in a controlling stake. The number of Ainax shares corresponds to the holding of Scania Series A shares, thus providing a transparent basis for the valuation of the company. With funding provided for its operations and an efficient organization the intention is to redistribute in full dividends received from the holding to Ainax' share-holders. If a sale has not occurred before 1 May 2008, Ainax' assets will be distributed to the shareholders. The Ainax share is traded on Nya Marknaden (New Market) since 8 June 2004. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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