Trading in Ainax shares on Nya Marknaden

Trading in Ainax shares on Nya Marknaden Trading in Ainax shares will commence on June 8, 2004 on Nya Marknaden ("New Market"). A trading lot will consist of 100 shares. However, it will also be possible to buy and sell shares in smaller lots. Nya Marknaden is an unofficial marketplace where shares can be traded in Stockholmsbörsen's trading system, SAXESS. The trading is computerized and is conducted in the same way as for companies whose shares are listed on Stockholmsbörsen. Information regarding prices, volumes and order depth is published in real time through the same channels as for listed shares. Ainax has entered into an agreement with Carnegie as sponsor. Ainax will be traded on Nya Marknaden under the ticker symbol AINX. Prospectus and share dealing facility A prospectus regarding trading in shares in Ainax on Nya Marknaden will be available at Ainax' website ( from June 4, 2004 and can be ordered via telephone at +46 8 588 689 10. Ainax will offer its shareholders a share dealing facility whereby shareholders are given the opportunity to sell not more than 10 shares free of commission. Information and the terms regarding the facility will be distributed to shareholders commencing June 11, 2004. For more information, please contact: Mariana Burenstam Linder, managing director, tel +46 8 611 8810, mobile +46 70 595 2250 Mats Löfgren, CFO, tel + 46 709 200 999 Ainax AB (publ) At the Annual General Meeting in Volvo held on April 16, 2004, it was resolved to transfer Volvo's 27,320,838 Series A shares in Scania to Ainax, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volvo, and subsequently distribute the shares in Ainax to Volvo's shareholders. The transfer of Volvo's holding of Scania Series A shares to Ainax and the distribution of Ainax shares to Volvo's shareholders was effected in order to keep the Scania series A shares in one block and thereby, in the best possible way, securing the value for Volvo's shareholders. Ainax holds approximately 24.8 percent of the votes in Scania, enabling its shareholders the possibility to realize the added value that may exist in a large block of A-shares. The number of Ainax shares corresponds to its holding of Scania Series A shares, thus expecting to provide a transparent basis for the valuation of the company. Volvo has provided Ainax with SEK 100 million, which is expected to be sufficient funding for its operations. Ainax is organised in a simple and cost efficient manner. Consequently, Ainax expects to be able to redistribute dividends in full received from Scania to its shareholders. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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