Julian Assange still detained

Svea Court of Appeal has today decided that Julian Assange will still be detained in his absence, suspected on probable cause for rape, less serious crime. On 17 October he will be interviewed at Ecuador’s embassy in London.

Julian Assange has the opportunity to appeal the detention order to the Supreme Court.

– Julian Assange is, on probable cause, suspected of rape, less serious crime, and the risk of evasion is still substantial. In our opinion, the public interest to continue the investigation still carries weight. The court shares our view that a continued detention complies with the principle of proportionality, says Director of Public Prosecution, Marianne Ny.

– I welcome the setting of a date for the interview. It will enable the investigation to move forward, says Director of Prosecution, Marianne Ny.

The results of the investigative matters conducted by the Ecuadorian prosecutor will later be reported to Sweden by Ecuador. Following receipt of the report, the Swedish prosecutor will take a view on how the investigation will proceed.

Press release from Svea Court of Appeal

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