Aktia Bank plc: Aktia develops card operations to enhance effectiveness


Aktia Bank plc
Stock Exchange Release
22.4.2013 at 2.00 p.m.


Aktia develops card operations to enhance effectiveness

As a part of the Action Plan 2015 Aktia will develop its card operations to enhance their effectiveness.

Aktia Bank has chosen the card platform from EVRY AS as main system for card operations. EVRY is the second largest IT service company in the Nordic region, and a well established partner for card production in the banking sector. The transfer of Aktia's cards to EVRY's platform will enable swift launches of new types of card payments and further improved customer service. Aktia's MasterCard PrePaid cards, that were launched by Aktia at the end of 2012 as the first bank in Finland, are managed through EVRY's card platform.

Further, Aktia Bank has made an agreement with Nets Oy concerning acquisition of the Visa Credit credit stock, amounting to approximately EUR 55 million and relating to Aktia's Visa Credit and Visa Credit/Debit cards. The implementation of this agreement is planned for December 2013.

Development of card operations is expected to provide a positive effect on the result exceeding EUR 2 million per annum as of 2014.



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