Aktia updates financial objectives and dividend policy

Aktia Bank plc
Stock Exchange Release
19.3.2015 at 2 pm


Implementation of the strategy “Growth 2018” starts

Aktia Bank plc focuses on growth, renewing its value proposition, vision and mission. In its vision, Aktia focuses on the finances of families and their companies. In addition to private customers, Aktia strives for growth in family businesses and owner-operated companies.

Aktia's value proposition is that we make financial decisions easier for its customers and their families. Aktia's mission states that the bank’s passion is to work for its customers' wellbeing based on the core values responsible, safe and humane.

- In recent years, we have concentrated on improving cost efficiency and competitive strength. Now Aktia's strong balance sheet enables focus on growth. We are currently revising our plans for growth and the objective is to double the number of new customers per year during this strategy period, says CEO Jussi Laitinen.


Aktia's financial objectives up until 2018

  • to improve cost-to-income ratio by at least 10 per cent (2014: 0.71)
  • to have a Core Tier 1 capital ratio (CET 1) of 15 per cent at a minimum (2014: approx. 19 per cent calculated according to IRBA)
  • to improve return on equity (ROE) to at least 9 per cent (2014: 8.3 per cent).

The current dividend policy of 40–60 per cent of profit is amended to 50 per cent of profit at a minimum.


Aktia Bank plc

Jussi Laitinen


Requests for interviews:
Malin Pettersson, Head of Communications, tel. +358 10 247 6369

Malin Pettersson, Head of Communications, tel. +358 10 247 6369


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Aktia provides a broad range of products within banking, insurance and real estate agency. Aktia operates mainly in coastal areas and inland growth areas. Aktia has about 300,000 customers who are served by over 900 employees at some 50 branch offices and via Internet and telephone services. Aktia's shares are listed on the list of NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd. For more information about Aktia see www.aktia.com.