Infinity will launch its new tyre range during its Partners Day 2012

Jorge Crespo, European General Manager for Infinity Tyres, announced that Infinity Tyres will hold its official international presentation of its new tyre range during 2012’s Infinity Partners Day, which this year will take place from 4 to 8 May in Beijing and Qingdao, China.

 Mr. Crespo also said that, one month later, and following the International presentation in China, Infinity Tyres will stage the official European launch of the new range during the Reifen 2012 international trade show in Essen, Germany which will take place from 5-8 June 2012.

 Mr. Crespo stated that: “We are very excited about our new tyre range and I am sure that our partners will be too. The tyre world can always count on Infinity to amaze and surprise the market with its unique combination of high technology, advanced tyre design and its excellent combination of high performance and equally high quality”.

 Harjeev Kandhari, Executive Director of Infinity Tyres, stated that Infinity’s partners and clients, “whether in Beijing or in Essen, our partners and clients can always rely on Infinity developing the right products for their country. This is why this totally new product range is a reflection of our customer’s voice and fits the needs and wants of each and every individual client”.

Infinity Tyres are currently testing the new tyre patterns in various test tracks around the world. However, Infinity are focusing their testing programme in Europe to ensure the new range fully complies with the new European tyre labelling legislation.

The timing of the launch, and the development of the new product range, are a reflection of Infinity’s commitment towards its European partners, and the product range’s depth and breadth strongly reflects that.

Jorge Crespo highlighted that “our new product range represents the next stage in our continuous development and commitment to safety, quality and state-of-the-art design. Infinity’s new rage will showcase asymmetric patterns on its UHP, SUV and HP models, and will offer new and improved compounds which include more silica across a range which has been benchmarked against top quality brands”.