International search optimisation specialist Alchemy Viral has unveiled MathSight – a purpose built analytical platform. This pioneering engineering - which can analyse both the qualitative and stylistic aspects of content and web design, their inter-relationships, traffic data and other variables - makes Alchemy Viral one of only a handful of SEO companies in the world using machine learning.

Existing clients of Alchemy Viral are participating in the test stage and the company is also offering inviting other organisations to be included in the Beta testing of MathSight free of charge.

According to Alchemy Viral, the SEO sector is currently drowning in a "data deluge" with most information being of little use to customers.  

Andreas Voniatis, managing director, Alchemy Viral says: “At present the current widespread use of keywords, web design changes and search traffic in the SEO sector lacks robust statistical basis and gives little insight to the real online performance of businesses.   Google Analytics and other such services often disregard the nature of content, its structural context and human user behavior. As a result, presented 'trends' in traffic are often the results of external changes unrelated to client's products, decisions or strategies.”

MathSight is designed to disregard irrelevant data and factors in the event of external changes, such as major search engine algorithm updates like Google’s Panda and Penguin. Instead, it targets relevant parameters and creates classifications to enable tailored analyses, resulting in meaningful conclusions that are easily understandable for clients. “The platform can then provide reliable SEO predictions as well as suggested solutions supported by statistics, enabling businesses to increase search traffic and conversions,” says Voniatis.

MathSight is flexible and adaptable across categories and responsive to new ideas and problems. It can provide bespoke analysis and suggested solutions for specific pages, products or campaigns, as well as business-wide search optimisation solutions.

Frank Kelly, an engineer with experience from the aerospace, oil & gas and maritime industries, is the chief architect of MathSight. He says “Machine learning is becoming something of a buzzword in SEO circles.   Although many companies try to impress clients with talk of analytics and data, very few understand it and fewer still are able to use data to present useful and constructive information, let alone solutions. MathSight is real engineering that demands expertise that simply does not exist in SEO at the moment. We have already come a long way and have a substantial head start in addressing these issues and fully utilising the powers of machine learning.”

“We hope this new platform will revolutionise the services offered to companies. Machine learning is already deployed in other sectors like social media but in the context of SEO, it is a radical progression.”

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Alchemy Viral is a specialist in performance based international search optimisation established in 2010.  Working with leading digital marketing, advertising and media planning agencies, as well as individual businesses worldwide, the company provides link acquisition, search reputation management and lead generation services, driving target audiences to websites. 

In addition to increasing clients’ search traffic from relevant and responsive audiences, Alchemy Viral also drives visitors to the client’s website through media such as social media, blogs and websites.

Alchemy Viral is one of the few companies in the world that is able to deliver SEO campaigns in different languages and countries worldwide; it combines the specialisms of journalists, public relations, data scientists, creative technicians and social media to deliver first class SEO performance, and uses machine learning to analyse search engine algorithms to the benefit of agencies and clients.

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The platform can then provide reliable SEO predictions as well as suggested solutions supported by statistics, enabling businesses to increase search traffic and conversions
Andreas Voniatis