”Alfa Laval sees continued opportunities for structural growth within several areas.”

“Alfa Laval sees continued great opportunities to grow through structural growth firstly in energy and energy related industry, emerging markets with focus on the BRIC-countries and thanks to technology conversions that Alfa Laval is benefiting from.”

This statement was given by Alfa Laval’s President and CEO Lars Renström when he today opened the theme-part of the Company’s well attended Capital Markets Day in Copenhagen, Denmark. The theme of the day was “Structural growth”.

During the day the company made three detailed presentations on its continued opportunities for structural growth within some of the company’s end markets. The presentations described structural changes in energy and energy related industry, technology conversions that Alfa Laval is benefiting from and the company’s position and activities in the emerging BRIC-countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

- A couple of structural technology conversions in our end-markets give Alfa Laval’s products many possibilities to continue growth, said Svante Karlsson, responsible for the Equipment Division.

The largest change for Alfa Laval is the plate heat exchangers advantages to the tube heat exchangers. This is a technology substitution that has been ongoing for several years and will continue for the foreseeable future. There are also interesting changes going on, on the separator side. Svante Karlsson did, among others, talk about Alfdex, a product that cleans crank case gases in heavy vehicles as well as a complete new product to clean ballast water. The growth for these products is mainly taking part thanks to legislation in many parts of the world.

The theme for Alfa Laval’s Capital Markets Day last year was ”Energy”. This year Ulf Granstrand, responsible for the Process Technology Division, gave a deeper picture of the theme. He underlined among others the development within bio-ethanol and bio-diesel, two renewable fuels where production and usage are strongly increasing all over the world and where Alfa Laval’s products play a key-role in the production.

Finally Ray Field, responsible for Asia, and Lars Henriksson, responsible for Latin America and Eastern Europe, described the development for the BRIC-countries, i.e. Brazil, Russia, India and China. Alfa Laval is well-established in these four fast-growing countries since several years. Between 2002 and 2006 the order intake in the BRIC-countries increased very strongly. That has made their portion of the total order intake for the Alfa Laval-group to increase from 13 to 18 percent.

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