Smarteq new multifunctional antenna platform for heavy vehicles will be installed in the new Renault Trucks

On June 12th 2013 Renault Trucks launched the new model program and a renewal of the truck program. The new heavy trucks will be equipped with the latest multifunctional antenna platform from Smarteq.

The development of the platform has been extensive and began in 2008. It is a patented solution developed by Smarteq for heavy vehicles with more features based on modular concept and can be easily adapted to future technology needs. We have strong expertise in the supply of advanced antenna solutions to the heavy vehicles segment and there is a demand for increased communication between vehicles says Johan Hårdén, CEO Smarteq.

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Johan Hårdén                                                             Christian Olsson

CEO Smarteq                                                              Vice President

Operations and Engineering

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Smarteq’s business concept is to sell and develop antenna systems for improved access, efficiency and security in a wireless world. The prioritised market segments are Automotive and Communications. The business is focused on selling and developing antenna products for the OEM and aftermarket. Smarteq has its own resources for product development, sourcing and sales. Production is mainly outsourced to external partners in Europe and Asia. Smarteq has 15 employees in Sweden and China. Marketing takes place via established channels globally. Smarteq’s class B stock is traded on First North with Remium as Certified Adviser.

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