100 million antennas delivered!

Allgon Mobile Communications has since the end of 1993 delivered 100 million terminal antennas. Every third mobile phone in the world is equipped with an Allgon antenna. Allgon Mobile Communications passed the production of 100 million antennas on June 11, 1998. The demand for terminal antennas has grown rapidly thanks to the fast growth of mobile phones around the world. - We expect the growth trend in the mobile telephony market to continue and our ambition is to exceed that growth, says Björn Berndtsson, President, Allgon Mobile Communications. - In addition to new subscribers buying mobile phones existing subscribers replace their mobile phones in a faster pace today which has a positive impact on us, he adds. Allgon Mobile Communications produces a wide range of terminal antennas. The development of new antennas is to a great extent made in collaboration with the mobile phones manufacturers. Allgon´s product range includes single, dual and multiband antennas as well as antennas for satellite communication. Allgon holds some forty antenna patents. All production of terminal antennas took place in Allgon´s premises in Stockholm until recently. However, development and production started in Allgon Enterprises production unit in Forth Worth, Dallas in February 1998 in order to serve the American market even better. Local presence has proved to be of great importance for developing new products together with the customers as well as manage the short lead times, says Björn Berndtsson. For further information, please contact: Torsten Körsell, President, Allgon AB Telephone: +46 8 540 822 31 Claes Silfverstolpe, Financial Director, Allgon AB Telephone: +46 8 540 822 32 Now you can subscribe to press releases from Allgon by registering your emailaddress on www.allgon.com You can also download antenna pictures from our homepage. (News)