Allgon launches new concept for wireless in-building coverage

Allgon launches new concept for wireless in-building coverage Allgon Systems is launching a system providing cost-efficient in- building wireless coverage. The system, which is built on Allgon's proven repeater technology, offers multi-operator, multi- band and multi- standard flexibility for 2nd and 3rd generation wireless networks. Allgon Systems' scalable in-building coverage system, designed for areas such as high-rise buildings, hotels, and large office complexes, provides flexibility and cost-efficiency for network operators and system integrators when building infrastructure for wireless coverage. The system offers single-, dual- and triple band, multi-operator and multi-standard functionality. A complete management system connected to the network enables remote operation surveillance. Allgon Systems' scalable in-building coverage concept produces an extensive coverage area with high signal quality, which is important for third generation wireless systems and high speed networks. - The idea behind the system is to combine maximum flexibility with minimal lifetime ownership cost for the network operator, says Crister Fritzson, VP Sales and Marketing, Allgon Systems. The product, which will be delivered as a standard package, will be available starting fall 2001. For further information, please contact: Crister Fritzson Phone: +46 8 540 827 75 VP Sales & Marketing, Allgon Systems Lars Jehrlander Phone:+46 8 540 822 63 President, Allgon Systems ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: