Allgon's latest cost reduction to save SEK 70 million

Allgon's latest cost reduction to save SEK 70 million Allgon's latest cost saving measures, announced in November, will result in savings of SEK 70 million per year. The cost reduction will be in full effect from third quarter next year. Allgon's result for the fourth quarter 2001 will debit Allgon's fourth quarter result by SEK 35 million. Allgon is today negotiating with several customers on 3G equipment, including provisioning of filter panels, microwave links, TMA's and base station antennas. Allgon believes the demand for these products will increase during third quarter 2002. For further information, please contact: Jeff Bork +46-73-367 22 31 CEO, Allgon Allgon's business concept is to develop, manufacture and market radio- based solutions and other products for wireless telephony and data communications. Allgon's product range consists of antenna systems for infrastructure in mobile telephone networks; filters, combiners and similar products for base stations; repeater networks; microwave equipment and mobile telephone antennas. Allgon's invoiced sales amounted to SEK 2,696 million in 2000. The number of employees at the end of 2000 amounted to 1,335. Allgon was founded in 1946. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: