Altia pays extra dividend

Altia pays an extra dividend of 60 million euros. 

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Altia held on 15 December decided on an extra dividend to be payed to the owner for the year 2017, in addition to the dividend paid in March 2017.

The amount of the extra dividend, which the company will pay in December 2017, is 60 million euros. The dividend paid in March 2017 amounted to 10.4 million euros.

Altia is owned by the state of Finland. 

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Communications Director Petra Gräsbeck, tel. +358 40 767 0867,

Petra Gräsbeck
Communications Director
+358 40 767 0867

Altia is a leading wine and spirits company offering quality brands in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Altia produces, markets, sells, imports and exports alcoholic beverages. Sustainability is a crucial business factor for Altia. We want to enhance a modern, responsible Nordic drinking culture. Our own brands include Blossa, Chill Out, Koskenkorva, Larsen, Renault, O.P. Anderson, Valhalla and Xanté. Further information:


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Altia is a leading Nordic alcoholic beverage company operating in the wines and spirits markets in the Nordic countries, Estonia and Latvia. Altia produces, imports, markets, sells and distributes both own and partner brand beverages. The Company also has production in Cognac, France. Further, Altia exports alcoholic beverages to approximately 30 countries, most of which are in Europe, Asia and North America. Altia’s own core brands are Koskenkorva, Chill Out, Blossa, Larsen, O.P. Anderson, Renault, Xanté and Valhalla. Altia’s net sales in 2017 were EUR 359.0 million and the Company employs about 700 professionals. Altia wants to enhance a modern, responsible Nordic drinking culture. Altia’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.



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