Conversion of Shares

According to Morphic Technologies AB (publ) (”Morphic”) articles of association, owners of Class A shares have the right to have such shares converted to Class B shares. A conversion will reduce the total number of votes in the company. Morphic announces that holders of 4,708,000 Class A shares have recently registered to convert their Class A shares into Class B shares. The number of Class A shares following the conversion will be 7,260,000 and the number of Class B shares will be 353,254,044. The total number of votes in the company thereafter amounts to 42,585,404.4. The total number of outstanding shares remains unchanged at 360,514,011.

About Us

Amasten is a property company focusing on residential properties and commercial premises, but also owns offices and social services properties. Amasten acquires, manages and develops properties in small and midsize towns with high property yields, favourable growth prospects and a stable rental market.


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