AMETEK High-Efficiency Rotron® Regenerative Blowers Compliant with US Federal Energy Conservation Standards

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KENT, OH – AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) now offers Rotron® regenerative blowers that meet federal energy efficiency requirements for commercial and industrial electric motors under the US Energy Policy Act (e-pact 431 subpart B/X), affecting Rotron’s 3-phase, 1HP or greater motors.  The high-efficiency blowers are available in all three standard types of Rotron regenerative (side channel) blowers: DR blowers for industrial use, CP chemical processing blowers and EN environmental blowers.

All Rotron blowers employ advanced regenerative air technology that ensure proper air pressures and vacuums but without the higher energy and maintenance costs associated with larger, multi-stage or positive, air-displacement blowers and compressors.  

The blowers feature clean, oil-free and maintenance-free operation. They are engineered for quiet (within OSHA standards), continuous operation and extended service life. They can achieve maximum airflows of 1800 SCFM, with pressures up to 9 PSIG and vacuums up to 14 IHG.  

The blowers are made with rugged cast aluminum housings, impellers and covers. All models are customizable for particular application requirements. Applications for the blowers include solution and media agitation and aeration; vapor and fume recovery; solid material transport and separation; and vacuum pick up and blow down.

AMETEK DFS offers one of the largest selections of regenerative blowers in the industry. Along with ROTRON®regenerative blowers, AMETEK’s DFS brands include DurA-Tek Prime pumps and Windjammer®, Nautilair ® and MICROjammer®variable-speed brushless blowers; transportation blowers, motors, pumps and fans.

For more information, contact Jay Jarboe at 815-877-5404, e-mail or contact AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) at 100 East Erie Street, Kent, OH 44240. Phone: 330-677-3327. Fax: 330-677-3306. Web site:

AMETEK DFS is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. 


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AMETEK offers high-efficiency Rotron regenerative blowers
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Blowers meet federal energy efficiency requirements
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High-efficiency models available in all types of blowers
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