AMETEK Land to Present Biomass Spontaneous Heating and Combustion Detection at European Biomass to Power 2016

Conference Will Be Held October 5 to 6, 2016 in Seville, Spain

Contact: Lucy Lambertsen +44 (0) 1246 417691

SHEFFIELD, UK -- AMETEK Land, the specialists in combustion and emissions monitoring equipment, announces that Derek Stuart, Global Product Manager for Combustion and Environmental Monitoring, will speak at the European Biomass to Power Conference, October 5 to 6 2016, in Seville, Spain, on “Early Detection of Spontaneous Heating and Combustion in Biomass Handling.”

The presentation looks at the characteristics of biomass fuel and how those characteristics make it difficult and potentially dangerous to store and transport biomass fuels due to their susceptibility to spontaneous heating and combustion.Stuart will discuss techniques that can be applied to detect early stages of spontaneous heating and combustion, including gas measurement in silos and storage vessels, infrared temperature measurements in open/semi-enclosed spaces, and infrared line scanning for material moving on conveyors. He will describe how those techniques have been employed successfully at biomass fuel storage and transport facilities in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Spontaneous heating and combustion pose risks in any location that handles and processes organic biomass. Choosing the right detection method can significantly improve site safety by reducing fire risks.

 “Fortunately, there are a number of techniques for detection of spontaneous heating and combustion, which allows the problem to be addressed in time to avoid a damaging and costly fire.  I look forward to discussing the options for silos, enclosed spaces and outdoor storage at the conference,” comments Stuart.

Among the options is AMETEK Land’s range of line-scanning infrared pyrometers that use a single detector with a high-speed scanning mirror to make up to 1,000 discrete readings across the width of the conveyor. The movement of the conveyor allows the scanner software to build up a two-dimensional image of the material on the belt and show any hot spots associated with burning material.

 AMETEK Land’s HotSpotIR line scanning pyrometers have become the industry standard for monitoring a variety of conveyors from wood pellets to PET coke. AMETEK Land also manufactures Silowatch extractive CO monitors for the monitoring carbon monoxide concentrations in pellet silos.

In addition, AMETEK Land offers instrument variants approved for use in hazardous area locations. All assist plant operators in maintaining high reliability and safety levels at industrial sites as well as provide evidence of automated detection systems if needed, in insurance situations.

For more information on AMETEK Land’s range of line scanners and CO monitors, visit

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