VTI and APEX Turbine Testing Technologies Partner to Expand Propulsion and Power Industry Solutions


Irvine, CA  - VTI Instruments has entered into a partnership with APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, becoming a central provider of hardware used in the company's turbomachinery and aeromechanical testing and analysis solutions. This partnership will help VTI Instruments become better positioned within the propulsion and power industry, and also will benefit APEX in providing precision instrumentation for its turn-key test and analysis solutions. APEX Turbine Testing Technologies (formed in 2000) is a leading supplier of turbomachinery test and analysis solutions and has established a proven record of delivering military grade turn-key solutions. APEX has provided solutions for companies such as GE, Pratt & Whitney, Honda, AEDC, NASA and more. VTI's high speed data acquisition hardware will be paired with APEX's data acquisition setup, control and real-time monitoring software to create a complete data acquisition solution to the turbomachinery market.

The hardware provided by VTI includes the RX Series and the EMX Series.The RX series family of instruments delivers rapid integration and precise synchronization of multiple devices through the IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol standard. Its rugged design enables placement extremely close to the measurement points of interest reducing the run length of analog cable and minimizing errors induced noisy environments. The EMX series is part of the SentinelEX family, VTI Instruments' latest generation of data acquisition products, building on our legacy as a leading supplier of data acquisition and modular instruments. The EMX series provides unmatched hardware performance for even the most demanding DSA applications.

To learn more about APEX, visit their website at https://apexturbine.com/.

About VTI Instruments 

VTI Instruments delivers precision modular instrumentation and systems for electronic signal distribution, acquisition, and monitoring, used in the world's most demanding test applications. The company's products and systems are used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures, as well as automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems. VTI is recognized as an industry leader with a reputation of providing reliable data, first time, every time. A sustained focus on innovation and technology enables VTIs customers to optimize their capital investment through product longevity, while ensuring unmatched measurement integrity and data reliability.VTI Instruments is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. 

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VTI partners with APEX Turbine Testing Technologies
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