The purpose of our annual quality report is to provide transparency around our achievements and development opportunities within quality and patient safety, as well as to inspire the entire veterinary industry to develop further
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
We are pleased to see that our efforts to improve hygiene and reduce the use of antibiotics are leading to measurable results throughout Europe
Ulrika Grönlund, Group Medical Quality Manager, AniCura
This is the first time a study like this is performed, and we hope the results can draw the industry’s attention to what reliable, high-quality diagnostic care requires
Anneli Bjöersdorff, veterinarian with a PhD in microbiology who works with laboratory diagnostic quality at AniCura
It is a great pleasure to welcome Tierklinik Haar to AniCura. Their highly skilled team will play an important role in realising our vision of shaping the future of veterinary care, together.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
There is a clear demand for more advanced veterinary care and better availability in northern Norway where the population is spread across a large geographical area. By combining the competencies and resources of these high-quality clinics we can develop the veterinary care offering in the region in a way that was previously not possible
Øyvind Johnsen Brøgger, Business Area Manager AniCura Norway
The purpose of our study is to highlight the importance of good hand hygiene to all veterinary professionals
Ulrika Grönlund, Group Medical Quality Manager at AniCura
Seen from a European perspective, I am convinced we can reduce the use of antibiotic prophylaxis to address the selection of multi-resistant bacteria without increasing the risk of infections. If the right techniques and hygiene procedures are applied, antibiotics should not be necessary in surgeries in non-infected tissue
Ulrika Grönlund, Group Medical Quality Manager
This is a unique opportunity for veterinarians outside the universities to conduct research.
Anna Tidholm, Chairman of AniCura’s Scientific Council
We are very pleased to have become part of AniCura as the next step in our development. Over the next few years, we are planning to grow Fana Dyreklinikk to satisfy the ever greater demands of our customers. AniCura's experience and stable network will be crucial for these efforts and our investments in further training.
Camilla Meltevik, Practice Manager, Fana Veterinary Clinic
Fana Dyreklinikk is an excellent complement to our Norwegian and European organization of animal hospitals and clinics. The team at Fana Dyreklinikk is committed to continuous learning and high-quality care. This means they fit in well with the rest of our practices, and we extend them a warm welcome.
Øyvind Johnsen Brøgger, Business Area Manager AniCura Norway
We've enjoyed fantastic growth and a great influx of patients over the past decades. Pet owners often tell us they enjoy visiting us and trust our ability to take care of their pets. This is important for us. To keep on developing our skills and competencies for the future, we've held discussions with several different potential partners, but we immediately felt that AniCura’s values reflected our own. What's more, AniCura has a long-term view on things. This gives us new opportunities for developing staff skills as we've come as far as we can by our own efforts in our current structure.
Geir Inge Relling, Practice Manager at Heimdal Dyreklinikk
We are very pleased to welcome another busy, well-liked clinic to the AniCura family. Along with other AniCura animal hospitals and clinics in the region, Heimdal Dyreklinikk will now be able to offer pet owners in the Trondheim area even broader expertise and a more profound presence.
Øyvind Johnsen Brøgger, Business Area Manager, AniCura Norway
We look forward to becoming part of AniCura and participate in AniCura’s professional collaboration in Sørlandet. This will put us in touch with an even greater number of highly capable colleagues who share our vision, and it will allow us to offer our customers and patients even better service and broader veterinary expertise.
Thomas Nymoen, Practice Manager Mandal Dyreklinikk
We bid a warm welcome to Mandal Dyreklinikk. Their expertise and high ambitions will make a positive contribution to the AniCura family and above all to our customers and patients in Sørlandet and Norway as a whole, says Øyvind Johnsen Brøgger.
Øyvind Johnsen Brøgger, Business Area Manager AniCura Norway
It has been a tremendously stimulating year to work with QualiCura. Many of our hospitals and clinics want to safeguard antibiotics and have increased their preventive work against antimicrobial resistance. More hand sanitizers have been installed and several many of AniCura’s veterinarians have limited their prescription of antibiotics for certain conditions with good medical outcomes.
Ulrika Grönlund, Group Medical Quality Manager at AniCura
It is encouraging that also this year’s survey shows that we use a very small amount of antibiotics classified as critically important (CIA) by WHO, despite the fact that more countries participated in the survey this year.
Ulrika Grönlund, Group Medical Quality Manager at AniCura
AniCura focuses on creating and developing the quality of veterinary medicine throughout Europe, and as a partner we now enjoy the very best options for treating our customers' pets according to the very latest and best methods. Every day we fulfill our customers' wishes by ensuring their pets are diagnosed and treated to the very highest standards. Consequently, we must prioritize training and advanced technical equipment and our collaboration with AniCura now provides us with even greater opportunities.
Peter Rosenlund, Practice Manager Vangede Dyreklinik
AniCura extends the warmest of welcomes to Vangede Dyreklinik in our family of European animal hospitals and clinics. We will continue to offer Danish pet owners increased access to quality pet care and treatment.
Peter Thomsen, Business Area Manager Denmark
We’re right in the middle of an intense time period with significant growth in the number of customers. It feels truly exciting to be part of AniCura in Norway and the growing collaboration between the region's AniCura clinics. We're convinced that participating in a network with so many able colleagues will raise our veterinary skills.
Sigurd Bjørtvedt and Erling Frivold
It's a great pleasure to welcome Vågsbygd Dyreklinikk and its personnel to AniCura Norge and our wider European family of animal hospitals and clinics. We continue our quest to provide Norwegian pet owners an excellent presence and top-quality veterinary care throughout the country.
Øyvind Johnsen Brøgger, Business Area Manager, Norway
We feel that in AniCura we have found a stable, long-term partner that applies strong quality management. Together with the AniCura family’s extensive network that allows for knowledge sharing, we are convinced that this will contribute to the positive development of our clinic and its employees. Furthermore, it will also help provide even better service to our customers.
Dr Bärbel Rösch and Dr Xaver Rösch, founders of Tierarztpraxis Dr. Rösch
We are pleased to welcome Tierarztpraxis Dr. Rösch to the AniCura family. As communicated consistently since our foundation in 2011, our vision is to shape the future of veterinary care together with our family members to provide benefits for pets, pet owners and veterinary professionals alike.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
Thanks to this collaboration, our relatively small clinic will become part of something much greater. We're really looking forward to it. We feel AniCura's extensive skills network and high-quality will help us ensure our patients and customers enjoy even better treatment and service today and tomorrow.
Kirsti Bjørndal, Practice Manager at Vennessla Veterinary Clinic
AniCura extends the warmest welcome to Vennesla Veterinary Clinic. It is a well-run clinic with great ambitions of making a positive contribution to our family of animal hospitals and clinics in Sørlandet in particular and Norway in general.
Øyvind Johnsen Brøgger, Business Area Manager for AniCura Norway
Being part of a larger family of clinics helps us to secure continuity of our clinic in the future. We strongly believe in the potential of AniCura to encourage knowledge and best practice sharing within the family of clinics and expect synergies from collaborating on a larger scale; continuing education is a significant benefit to our employee development.
Dr Frank Merkt, Practice Manager Tierklinik Neckarwiesen
We are pleased to welcome Tierklinik Neckarwiesen to AniCura and look forward to shaping the future of veterinary care together.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
Bundling resources and mutual support are important steps to more customer service and power for medical progress. AniCura and Tierklinik Bielefeld share the same values. Therefore, it was a logic step to join. We feel very comfortable with the AniCura culture and that we are amongst many wonderful and professional people.
Dr Herbert Lüttgenau, Co-Practice Manager Tierklinik Bielefeld
We are very pleased to welcome Tierklinik Bielefeld to our European veterinary family. Together, we will be writing a new chapter of development within the veterinary care industry, to the benefit of companion animals, pet owners as well as our highly talented staff.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
Partnership is a natural development to us since we are convinced that the future of veterinary medicine lies in cooperation. We look very much forward to be part of a group of professional clinics in Germany and around Europe. This doesn’t mean we will change our way of thinking or working, it means we will improve by finding synergies and borderless knowledge exchange.
Dr. Frank Höhner, Practice Manager Tierärztliche Klinik Bretzenheim an der Nahe
We are very pleased to welcome Tierärztliche Klinik Bretzenheim an der Nahe and Kleintierorthopädie Wiesbaden to the AniCura family. Their competence and friendly, collaborative approach provides a good fit with AniCura and strengthens our offer of high quality veterinary care in a central part of Germany.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
We want to remain at the forefront of advanced veterinary care and believe being part of AniCura will help us achieve and maintain this goal. By borderless cooperation and knowledge exchange we can find synergetic effects that will have very positive impact on our work.
Dr. Martin Unger, Co-Practice Manager Kleintierspezialisten Augsburg
I am very pleased to welcome Kleintierspezialisten Augsburg to the AniCura family. The partnership will contribute to further development of specialised veterinary care to the benefit of companion animals and pet owners across Europe.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
We are really happy about partnering with AniCura which means gaining a strong and stable partner, allowing for continuity in our operations. AniCura stands for the principles we ourselves value, such as a strong focus on high quality, an ambitious scientific agenda and of course making sure that clients and animals are given excellent service.
Dr. Karl Grohmann, founder of Tierklinik Korneuburg
We are pleased to welcome the team at Tierklinik Korneuburg to our veterinary family. Together we will continue to develop high quality specialised veterinary care of the future.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
By joining AniCura we are able to continue our development and specialisation by cooperation and best practice sharing. Everyone stands to gain from sharing knowledge and experience with one another. AniCura enables us to develop veterinary care together and provides for continuity and stability in our operations.
Dr. Christian Nees, founder of Kleintierklinik Dr. Nees
It is our pleasure to welcome Kleintierklinik Dr. Nees to AniCura. Our growing family provides fantastic opportunities for cooperation and collaboration allowing us to continue to develop and learn. We are looking forward to shaping the market for veterinary care together.
Peter Dahlberg, Group CEO of AniCura
The future of veterinary medicine lies in cooperation, which is why we decided to become a part of AniCura. As we gain access to a large European network of veterinary professionals, endless opportunities for knowledge sharing, scientific development and further vocational training open up.
Dr. Anja Baronetzky-Mercier, Practice Manager Tierarztpraxis Dr. Anja Baronetzky-Mercier
We are pleased to welcome Tierarztpraxis Dr. Anja Baronetzky-Mercier to the AniCura family. Teamwork and knowledge sharing is a key ingredient in developing high quality veterinary care of the future, says Peter Dahlberg.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
We find that AniCura’s core values are a prerequisite for a positive future development. Cooperation and sharing of expertise and experience not only contribute to high quality veterinary care but also to a motivating and inspiring work environment.
Dr Ramona Maier, co-founder of Kleintierklinik Dres. Maier-Lutter-Wieland
We are happy to welcome Kleintierklinik Dres. Maier-Lutter-Wieland to our European family of veterinary professionals. Together we unite in the continued development of high quality veterinary services, ensuring that our patients and customers receive the best possible care.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
AniCura has a value base in which we feel very much at home. We both share a common ambition to deliver high quality care and excellent service, and AniCura gives priority to areas that are close to our hearts, such as care hygiene and teamwork.
Dr. Peter Neuhofer, Practice Manager, AniCura Tierärztliche Klinik Neu-Ulm
It is our pleasure to welcome Tierärztliche Klinik Dr Peter Neuhofer to our growing family. Together in partnership we continue our quest to further develop high quality veterinary care at the same time as we focus on the customer experience and availability.
Peter Dahlberg, Group CEO AniCura
Diergeneeskundig Verwijscentrum Dordrecht is one of the fastest growing veterinary specialist care provider in the Netherlands, which gives us great opportunities for shaping the future in veterinary medicine, but also creates a need for a professional and strong partner. As a part of AniCura we can provide our staff with vast opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and learning as well as the typical benefits of being part of a larger setting. The way forward is through cooperation and AniCura is the answer.
Marcel Reijers, Practise Manager Diergeneeskundig Verwijscentrum Dordrecht
We are very pleased to welcome Diergeneeskundig Verwijscentrum Dordrecht to our family of European specialised veterinary care providers. I am convinced that this partnership creates opportunities to further the development of high quality care to the benefit of companion animals and pet owners in search of a professional veterinary partner as well as ambitious and passionate professionals on the quest to enhance their skills and further develop advanced veterinary care.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
I am convinced that the type of development of the animal health care industry that AniCura embodies is a gigantic step forward for veterinary medicine. This partnership provides us with a higher perspective, better means for further development and most importantly, wider opportunities for cooperation and sharing of knowledge between veterinarians and clinics across various countries.
Drs. Hans Nieuwendijk, Practice Manager de Tweede Lijn
We are very pleased to extend a warm welcome to de Tweede Lijn as they join our veterinary family. We look forward to continuing to shape and develop the future of veterinary care together, to the benefit of animals, pet owners and veterinary care professionals alike.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
We believe it is imperative to be able to guarantee quality of care at all times. AniCura stands for the best quality of care and makes sure all clinics can continuously develop their knowledge, skills and technology. We believe there is a need to join forces and cooperate, in order to create a healthy foundation for outstanding veterinary care in The Netherlands. AniCura can enable this.
Edgar Scheepens, Practice Manager of SDU
I am very happy to welcome the SDU team to AniCura's veterinary family. Cooperation, medical- and scientific development hold the key to shaping the future of specialised veterinary care, and by working together in partnership we continue to ensure that we and all our family members stay at the forefront of the development in the veterinary industry.
Peter Dahlberg, CEO AniCura
Clinical research has been an integral part of my entire veterinary career, both when in academia and in private practice. I am thrilled to be able to contribute to more and better research within AniCura which in turn leads to additional areas of evidence-based care and thereby further quality development.
Barbara Kaser-Hotz, DVM, Prof. Dr. med vet, Dipl ACVR, Dipl ECVDI, Practice Manager and specialist in Oncology and Radiology at the AOI Center in Zug, Switzerland.
AniCura’s focus on research, quality and evidence-based medicine was an important factor for us when deciding to join AniCura. I look forward to bringing my dermatological experience into AniCura and my experience from research and quality assurance to AniCura’s Scientific Council.
Monika Linek, DVM, Dipl ECVD, Practice Manager and Dermatology specialist in AniCura Tierärztliche Spezialisten Hamburg, Germany.
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