London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine To Host Electroacupuncture Seminar With Renowned Practioner and Author, David Mayor

This Sunday (7 November 2010), the London based Chinese Medicine College, LCTA will host the next in its series of celebrated CPD events. The CPD events are new for 2010-2011 and are a focused series of Chinese Medicine Master Class Programmes, intensive seminars led by world class practioners and experts, ranging from acupuncture training to qi gong courses.

Designed for the best possible learning experience, LCTA’s CPD courses are fashioned in small intensive groups of a maximum of 10 students, and allow interaction with some of the fields leading minds. Either those in their final year of acupuncture training or TCM practitioners can attend these events, designed to develop knowledge at a post-graduate level. This Sunday’s event on the 7th of November focuses on the field of Electroacupuncture. Electroacupuncture is seen as a vital part of acupuncture training and practice; it can prove very effective for those who have not responded well to traditional acupuncture methods. LCTA’s intensive, intimate seminar will provide an extremely comprehensive overview of the subject, from both historical and theoretical standpoints. It will dissect the science behind the practice, looking at both electricity and neurophysiology and the use of the technique at both a clinical level and a research level, as well as exploring alternative methods of how Electroacupuncture may work. The CPD event is being run by internationally renowned researcher, practitioner and lecturer of Electroacupuncture, David Mayor. Working with the, Chinese Medicine College LCTA for many years, David Mayor is also the editor of the seminal books: Electroacupuncture: A Practical Manual, and Resource and Clinical Application of Commonly Used Acupuncture Points. The LCTA describes Electroacupuncture as offering, “The ordinary practitioner a chance to raise their professional game well beyond the norm. This is an opportunity not to be missed.” Prices start at £90 for LCTA students, graduates and staff, or £125 for others. The full timetable of Chinese medicine master classes is as follows; Sun 7 November 2010: Electroacupuncture Sun 21 November 2010: Chinese Nutrition for Practitioners Sun 28 November 2010: Improving Your Business Skills Sun 9 January 2011: Baduan Jin Qi Gong Sun 23 January 2011: Chinese Nutrition for Practitioners Sun 6 February 2011: The Five Elements According to the Classics Sun 27 February 2011: The Eight Extraordinary Vessels Sun 20 March 2011: The Eight Extraordinary Vessels Sun 17 April 2011: Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI): how the new physiology explains the mind-body-spirit connection Sun 22 May 2011: Five Elements Qi Gong for Health Sun 19 June 2011: Healing, Chaos and Complexity: adventures in non-linearity Sun 3 July 2011: The Five Elements According to the Classics Sun 17 July 2011: The Six Divisions