What’s In an (Exhibition Stand) Name?

Trying to decide which exhibition stand you need can be a confusing prospect – there’s a whole raft of new terminology to get to grips with, pros and cons of each design to weigh up, budget restrictions to take into account and often space limitations to content with. You’ll also want to be sure you’re getting the best value for money and choosing an exhibition stand that will help you stand out from the crowd and help convert delegates into sales leads.

Helping you to make the decision, exhibition stand experts Print Designs have compiled a jargon busting list, describing each type of stand in more detail… Roller banner stand: A roller banner stand or banner exhibition stand is a versatile and pocket-friendly choice. They can be used as stand alone pieces, several used together to create a bigger presence or, combined with other types of exhibition stands for maximum impact. Coming under the umbrella of exhibition stand, you’ll also find lots of types of banner stands. Outdoor banner stands: Produced for use come rain or shine, an outdoor exhibition stand is an absolute must if you have any country fairs o fetes booked this year. Treated to cope with the sun and inevitable rain, outdoor roller banner exhibition stands can also be weighted in the base with water or sand for extra stability in breezy conditions. Double sided banner stands: If you have a number of marketing messages or striking images, or want an open plan exhibition stand accessible from all directions and visible from all angles, a double sided banner stand is perfect. The stand is printed on both sides, making them an excellent choice for displays in shopping centres and other retail settings. Linking banner stands: A linking banner exhibition stand is a series of roller banners designed to be joined together and displayed as one large set. Great for displaying really striking images in super size, a linking banner stand joins individual banners together edge to edge, so you can choose to combine any width and number of stands for maximum impact. Within the linking banner stands selection, you can also opt for twisted or straight designs, adding visual appeal to larger spaces. Desktop roller banner stands: Micro versions of any of the normal roller banner stand, a desktop roller banner stand is most often used to reinforce key marketing messages when stand visitors are invited to sit to complete a form / carry out a review etc. These mini roller banner stands can repeat the messages displayed on bigger stands for reinforcement or, promote other products and services. Shell clad exhibition stands: Not to be confused with a shell scheme, a shell clad exhibition stand makes use of the shell scheme often supplied by exhibition halls or offered at a discounted rate when space is booked, by the organisers directly. A shell scheme is simply a series of uprights (usually aluminium) with panels that form a ‘wall’. The inserts create section breaks in graphic displays which detract from the overall look and feel of your presence when larger graphics are used. To counter this, the shell clad exhibition stand solution gives an unbroken wall appearance, allowing for greater graphical impact. Pop up exhibition stand: One of the most popular of all portable display systems, a pop up exhibition stand is quick to set up, quick to take down and easy to reuse show after show. The perfect exhibition stand for those on a limited budget, you can use one pop up stand or many to make an impact. ISOwave frame exhibition stands: A patented, keyless clamping system means the ISOwave exhibition stand can be configured in myriad ways, giving a huge range of shapes and sizes customisable too fit in to any exhibition space. Guaranteed to make a splash, the ISOwave stand allows for 180 degree curvature per section, creating eye-catching displays every time. The stand is also portable and compact when dismantled and can be taken to the next exhibition in a car. Digital exhibition display stands: If hooking up TVs and computer monitors seems like a little too much work on exhibition day, a digital exhibition display stand combines the best of a portable display such as a pop up stand with the latest in digital technology to create an easily transportable exhibition stand with integrated digital exhibition panel. To find out more and browse the entire range of exhibition stands available from Print Designs, visit the website: http://www.printdesigns.com