Aptilo Networks launches complete product family for operation of local mobile networks

Aptilo Networks launches complete product family for operation of local mobile networks Aptilo Networks is now launching a complete product family for local mobile networks, with Internet access and local network services in public locations. In addition to Aptilo's first commercial product, the Aptilo Mobile Access Server, which has been upgraded with new functionality, the offering has now been expanded to include a Payment Server and an Access Point Controller. The Aptilo Payment Server handles secure payments, including credit card payments and payments via mobile phone subscriptions, while the Aptilo Access Point Controller facilitates the use of access points from various manufacturers and radio technologies in a single network. Using Aptilo's solutions, anyone can set up and operate local mobile networks for access to the Internet or to offer local services in the network. The system functions using both of the license-free radio technologies, WLAN (802.11b) and Bluetooth. The various components of the product family are designed to function in combination, but can also be used individually. An installation that uses all of the components was recently completed at Copenhagen Airport, where passengers can now gain simple and value-for-money wireless Internet access, thanks to Aptilo's systems solution. One of the advantages of the system is that the users do not need a subscription or an agreement with a certain operator. Instead, the service is purchased on-site by making a single payment, for example, for time-limited Internet access or for other local value-added services in the network. Network owners can also offer free services and send messages and other information to a specific user through the system's positioning function. Aptilo's solution is unique, since it has been developed from the beginning with complete focus on local mobile networks in public environments with payment solutions. This makes Aptilo's system considerably more cost-effective than systems that are primarily developed for office environments, which means that less expensive services are available to users. Aptilo's solution functions well with companies' VPN and roaming services. Components in the Aptilo product family are described below. More detailed information is available on the Internet at www.aptilo.com Mobile Access Server 2.0: Aptilo's Mobile Access Server handles multiple local networks based on WLAN, Bluetooth and other unlicensed radio access technologies. The server can verify users centrally, control access rights, generate user data, facilitate positioning services and monitor the local networks. The server also has an interface for external billing and customer-care systems. Payment Server: Aptilo's Payment Server provides network owners with a simple method of offering ad-hoc users access to the Internet and local network services using secure credit card payments, payments via mobile phone invoices and through other established electronic payment methods. Access Point Controller: Aptilo's Access Point Controller transforms one or several access points into a "hot spot," offering the possibility for network owners to handle temporary users and registered subscribers. This applies regardless of the connection method - WLAN, Bluetooth or wireline connection. About Aptilo Networks Aptilo Networks provides system solutions to operators of unlicensed local mobile networks such as Bluetooth and WLAN (802.11). The company is Stockholm-based, with a regional office for Asia-Pacific in Malaysia, and was founded as a spin off from the Mobile Internet division of Axis Communications. Aptilo's Mobile Access Server offers operators a convenient and effective way to integrate access points in an advanced public local mobile network. It enables payment via credit cards and also by integration with mobile operators to pay with mobile phone subscriptions. More information about Aptilo Networks can be found on the web at: www.aptilo.com For further information please contact: Torbjörn Wård, CEO Aptilo Networks, phone: +46 733-22 46 08; e-mail: torbjorn.ward@aptilo.com Paul Mikkelsen, VP Marketing, Aptilo Networks, phone: + 46 709-31 69 46, e-mail: paul.mikkelsen@aptilo.com Jan Sjönell, VP Sales Aptilo Networks, phone: +60 123 776 775; e-mail: jan.sjonell@aptilo.com ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/29/20011129BIT00100/bit0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/29/20011129BIT00100/bit0002.pdf