• Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)

    Managing Director

    Unit 12, Eastington Industrial Estate Meadow Mill Eastington Gloucestershire GL10 3RZ
    +44 (0)1453 823523
    +44 (0)1453 823623
  • Dennis Cantillion (Cantillion King Advertising)

    Account Director

    16 The Cornhill Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 2JT
    +44 (0)1453 755551
    +44 (0)1453 751525
  • Quotes

    ...his previous experience in senior roles and his in-depth knowledge of welding make him a valuable asset
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    The experience Andrew has gained in the past five years, together with his knowledge of economics and industry in general, continues to add a unique perspective and fresh thinking to the business
    Rosemary Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    ...if Arc Energy Resources is to maintain its standards and plan for the future, it is essential to continue to recruit and train skilled staff
    Rosemary Robinson (Director, Arc Energy Resources)
    We already had two projects on-going with Arc Energy Resources for Shell in the Gulf of Mexico so we had no hesitation in using them again on this project for Clair Ridge
    Ian Nicholls (Vulcan SFM)
    We had developed a very good relationship during previous projects and, importantly, received really good support from everyone in the company
    Ian Nicholls (Vulcan SFM)
    We are very proud that our company, which is our people, has achieved the Bronze level in a single review
    Rosemary Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    I hope other organisations will look to Arc Energy Resources as an example of what can be done when staff and managers work together
    John Telfer (Inspiring Business Performance)
    ...the Arc Energy Resources team demonstrated a very good understanding of our technical requirements
    Ian Scott (Joy Global)
    The company’s in-depth knowledge of CRAs...opened our minds to other areas where we could improve the life of our equipment
    Ian Scott (Joy Global)
    ...we are ideally placed to respond to the most complex challenges and provide highly effective engineering solutions
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    Whatever a customer needs, from design for manufacture to final NDT, Arc Energy has the industry standard resource to exceed its clients’ expectations
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    rising to the challenge of cladding complex geometries and engineering the perfect solution to any weld requirement is what we excel at
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    ...his experience will be invaluable in ensuring that Arc Energy remains the partner of choice
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    These days recruitment is one of our biggest problems, and finding good engineering people is especially difficult
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    ...when Rachel applied it was an easy decision!
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    Our new image has been a huge success, we are delighted with the work The Creative consortium has done for u
    Martin Sandles (Arc Energy Resources)
    We relished the challenge of putting our creative expertise into devising a brand refresh for a company within a sector not especially know for contemporary styling
    Tim Adams (The Creative Consortium)
    ...the company is working with us on specialised fabrications, primarily against American specifications such as the demanding AWS D1.1 and ASME, for which Arc Energy is already pre-qualified
    Chris Lee (Vector Technology Group)
    The Vector PLR was both time and safety critical for the Cascade Chinook field
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    Mark's experience is an excellent fit with Arc Energy’s existing business, and being able to fill a key position locally is a bonus
    Alan Robinson (Managing Director)
    ...achieving the standard required a cultural change within the business and a significant commitment from all personnel
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    By providing a framework for managing health and safety responsibilities we are protecting our most important asset – our employees
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    The accreditations reflect the company’s commitment to quality in every aspect of the business
    Alan Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    We are pleased to be the only independent SME in the category; and to have shared the honours with much larger and nationally known organisations
    Rosemary Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    ...there is nothing more important than keeping their employees safe
    Rosemary Robinson (Arc Energy Resources)
    During the recession we’ve planned for the future
    Alan Robinon, Arc Energy Resources
    Arc Energy Resources has recorded the second highest annual turnover in the company’s seventeen-year history
    Alan Robinon, Arc Energy Resources
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