Interim report for January-June 2013

First half (January-June 2013)

  • Capitalized exploration costs for the first half amounted to 0.2 (3.2) mkr
  • P/L after tax for the first half totaled -2.4 (2.4) mkr
  • P/L per share for first half totaled -0.18 (-0.22) mkr
  • Equity per share at the end of the period was 3.78 (5.63) mkr

Important events during the first half

  • Arctic Gold reduced the cost base and bridge loan of 1.43 mkr
  • Norway released a new Mineral Strategy in March
  • Redeye was appointed Certified Adviser first of May
  • Arctic Gold completed a share issue that added 5.4 mkr to the company before costs
  • Liquidity warranty agreement with Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag ended last day of May
  • The number of shares after the issue is 16,168,479
  • Markus Elsasser and Tord Cederlund increased their share in Arctic Gold to 24.6% respectively 20.0 %
  • Minister of Trade and Industry is prepared to change the law to get Mining Business

Important events after the end of the reporting period

  • Ministry of Justice and Public Security in Norway are uncertain if the Municipality has to establish a Planprogram

For further information, please contact the company's CEO and Qualified Person as per SweMin as well as Europe Geologist.

Lars-Åke Claesson
Arctic Gold AB
46 18 156423
46 70 6733294

Arctic Gold's business concept is to engage in exploration activities to discover and demonstrate commercially extractable gold and base metal deposits in Scandinavia. The strategy is primarily to carry out exploration work and either sell the project within a few years or to establish mining activities under the company's own control or through a partnership with other companies. Arctic Gold focuses mainly on the Bidjovagge project in northern Norway and current gold and base metal permits in Västerbotten and Norrbotten. Arctic Gold's shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX First North under the ticker ARCT. Certified Adviser is Redeye. More information about company is available at