Name: Carnegie AS
Instrument: Asetek A/S
Event: Acquisition of shares
Date: 12. April 2013
Threshold passed: 5.00%

Total acquired: 777,510
New Holding: 777,510
In percent of capital and votes: 5.22%

Please note that Carnegie AS is a stabilisation manager of the Asetek A/S Initial Public Offering. This disclosure is triggered as a result of normal stabilisation activity undertaken by Carnegie AS in its capacity as Stabilisation Manager in the initial public offering by Asetek A/S, and is not linked to any stakebuilding activities or otherwise.

About Us

Asetek (ASETEK.OL) is the global leader in liquid cooling solutions for data centers, servers and PCs. Founded in 2000, Asetek is headquartered in Denmark and has operations in California, Texas, China and Taiwan. Asetek is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. For more information visit


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