Aspera High-Speed Transfers Power Servient’s E-Discovery Platform

Servient selected software from Aspera to shorten the end-to-end workflow from the point of data receipt to the return of production data sets to clients 

EMERYVILLE, CA.—June 11, 2013 —Aspera, Inc., creators of next-generation software technologies that move the world’s large data at maximum speed, today announced that Servient has deployed Aspera to power the internal delivery chain of their advanced E-Discovery platform. Using Aspera’s fasp high-speed transfer software, Servient moves large legal data sets through each stage of the e-discovery process from ingest to processing to review, and finally delivers the resulting relevant materials to its customers.

Servient’s innovative technology serves to keep legal costs contained and relieve the burden of discovery for organizations by combining advanced machine learning technology with minimal attorney review. Known as Predictive Review, Servient’s solution speeds up the legal review process while maintaining accuracy by predicting and prioritizing documents to streamline identification of relevant documents.

With the backbone of their solution based on speed and efficiency, Servient’s data transfer speeds could be no exception. However, Servient faced impeding delays with their previous method that included physically shipping drives loaded with hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes of raw data to Servient. The data then had to be transferred onto Servient’s NAS where it could be accessed by Servient’s data processing organization working in different time zones, adding additional delays. The entire process from initial data ingest to the point when processing began took over 36 hours.

Hoping to replace this time-consuming and inefficient method, Servient sought a transfer solution that could expedite the end-to-end process while maintaining maximum security to protect the confidentiality of clients’ sensitive documents.

Servient adopted Aspera Client and Aspera Point-to-Point to complete all data transfers, followed by delivery of relevant data productions to the client. Aspera Point-to-Point eliminates 24 hours from the end-to-end workflow, improving client delivery times, and garnering a positive response from clients.

Aspera’s comprehensive security protects clients’ sensitive documents with SSH authentication, AES-128 data encryption in transit and at rest, and data integrity verification for each transmitted block.

Plus, Aspera supports transfer queuing, so Servient can elect to move files one at a time and the processing team can begin working on documents as they roll in, reducing wait times and improving efficiency.

“We wanted to process data as soon as we received it. Aspera achieved our need for quick turnaround time for the largest of data sets and smallest files, while meeting our stringent security requirements,” said Ram Prasad, vice president of software engineering at Servient.

Servient typically manages multi-gigabyte files, however, Aspera has also proved especially beneficial for Servient’s smaller file transfers. When submitting small data volumes, customers expect a quick turnaround – but using overnight shipping services took 24 hours for even the smallest data sets to arrive. With Aspera, small data sets can be transferred immediately so processing can start without any delays.

“Servient is driving rapid innovation in e-discovery with their predictive technology and integrated cloud offerings,” said Richard Heitmann, vice president marketing for Aspera. “We are pleased Servient selected Aspera to power their internal delivery chain. The speed and reliability of Aspera’s transfer software dramatically shortens the upfront transfer and processing times while the built-in security of fasp protects the confidentiality of the data.”

About Servient

Servient exists to contain legal costs. For over a decade, Servient has provided advanced electronic discovery technology solutions to leading law firms, Fortune 1000 corporations and government agencies. Servient's Predictive Review combines advanced machine learning technology with attorney review. Servient actively learns from the document decisions made by the legal team during legal review and separates the relevant documents from the irrelevant material. Servient deploys its advanced analytics over the Hadoop framework, allowing it to scale and easily handle matters of any size. Servient has offices in Houston and Austin, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Richmond, Va.; Philadelphia; New York City; and Pune, India. For more information about Servient, please visit

About Aspera

Aspera is the creator of next-generation transport technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. Based on its patented fasp™ protocol, Aspera software fully utilizes existing infrastructure to deliver the fastest, most predictable file-transfer experience. Aspera’s core technology delivers unrivaled control over bandwidth utilization, complete security and uncompromising reliability. More than 2000 organizations across a variety of industries on six continents rely on Aspera software for the business-critical transport of their digital assets.

Please visit and follow us on Twitter @asperasoft for more information.

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