Aspiro + Frontec = IT solutions at the touch of a mobile phone button

Frontec and Aspiro have entered into an agreement regarding a collaboration for the development and marketing of mobile IT services which can be integrated into customers’ existing business systems. Frontec develops the IT solutions and Aspiro provides the mobility.

Frontec’s consultancy business is centered around quickly turning clients’ ideas into finished products and solutions with secure software and process methods that shorten lead times. Aspiro develops services for mobile communication units, principally cellular phones. Aspiro’s services are based on new technologies such as SMS and WAP. “Neither IT nor WAP represent ends to themselves but are instead tools for facilitating work processes and making business operations more effective in order to increase competitiveness,” says Bengt Killander, CEO of Frontec Öresund. “Many companies today see the possibility of increasing profits through greater efficiency and better levels of service by providing their mobile workforces with the means to access the companies’ own business systems directly from a cellular phone.” “The reason Frontec wants to collaborate with Aspiro is because of their sound knowledge and contact net within mobile technology,” says Killander. “Our customers are global conglomerates, so Aspiro’s close relations with mobile telecom operators around the world is especially interesting to us. Both Ericsson and Nokia have large development centers in the Öresund region, a fact which also played a major part in Frontec’s decision to collaborate with Malmö-based Aspiro.” “I see many exciting opportunities in the meeting between IT and mobile telecommunications,” says Christer Månsson, Aspiro’s CEO. “Frontec’s enormous experience of integrating IT solutions at bigger companies and its knowledge of new areas of technology like Bluetooth make them an interesting party to work with. Together Frontec and Aspiro will be able to offer tailored IT solutions that will make our customers’ information flows more effective.” Contacts: Bengt Killander, Frontec Öresund, tel: +46 40 660 2602 Christer Månsson, Aspiro, tel: +46 709 918001

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